Anviz FacePass Pro Facial Recognition System

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Access Control and Time Attendance system. Efficient and accurate standalone facial recognition system. Advanced infrared light source enables it to work well in changing light levels, even in darkness.

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  • The Anviz FacePass Pro facial recognition system is a breakthrough innovative product. The newly applied Anviz new BioNANO core algorithm and powerful hardware platform ensures the terminal identification speed is less than 1sec. It is applicable to any users no matter what complexion, gender, facial expressions, beards and hair styles. What’s more, the elegant appearance is also very attractive.

    The Anviz FacePass Pro is compatible with Anviz Aim CrossChex Desktop software, Anviz AIM CrossChex Cloud, or ClockReports software. Take a look at the Software Tab above and see what options are available for this unit and find a feature set that meets your requirement.

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  • Features

    • For access control the Anviz SC011 Controller will also be required to create a secure system
    • Capacity: 400 Users
    • Log capacity: 100,000
    • Identification mode: Face, Card, ID+Password
    • Dual Cameras respectively for induction and verification
    • Body Induction auto switch on face verification
    • Voice and LED Prompt guarantees best user experience
    • Touch Screen for convenient and stable use
    • USB pen drive data download, TCP/IP connectivity
    • Useful web server function for convenient use and set up
    • Tamper alarm offers better self-protection
    • Dynamic digital keyboard ensures safe use
    • Inbuilt RTC and 5 Group Scheduled Bell guarantee accurate and convenient time management
    • High speed Samsung ARM platform CPU ensures the verification speed less than 1Sec
    • Advanced infrared light source design enables the terminal to work well in changing illumination even in total darkness
    • Applicable to any users no matter with different complexions, genders, facial expressions, beards and hair styles
  • Anviz add WiFi to the A300

    In order to simplify the installation of entry level time attendance machines, Anviz have added Wifi functionality to the A300 Time and Attendance Terminal. Cost-saving and convenience providing users with a much better experience.