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Idency Exclusive 15% Off Becrypt Promotion

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Assured data at rest encryption and control for Windows.

A comprehensive suite of software products offering full encryption and data security.

Central Management

A security management suite that enables organisations to manage their estate.

  • Allows quick and easy sharing of encrypted information between users.
  • Centralised roll-out of DISK Protect saves time and minimises end user involvement.
  • Fast risk assessment in the event of a lost/stolen device.
  • Allows compliance with key escrow regulations.

Becrypt Data Protection

Becrypt has a long heritage of providing Data Protection solutions and Engineering Services to the most security-conscious organisations, innovating to provide the highest levels of product assurance. Today, their Data Protection, Secure Platforms and Cyber Security Services allow diverse platforms to be adopted with confidence. Combining extensive domain knowledge and technical expertise, Becrypt offer market-leading cybersecurity capabilities, helping organisations to optimise the use of new technologies, minimising risk and complexity. A recognised cyber security supplier to the UK government, other public sector customers range from defence and intelligence communities to health providers, across UK, Europe and US.

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