Finger Vein Authentication Technology

Finger vein authentication is a method for verifying personal identity based on the unique patterns of veins in individuals fingers. Hitachi has been a leading player in the biometric authentication business for many years, with its finger vein biometrics already used by many since 1997, such as banks to replace passwords for authorising transactions.

Hitachi’s finger vein systems authenticate users by utilising the ambient light spectrum to capture user finger vein patterns and match them to the respective pre-established template. Delivering groundbreaking levels of accuracy and speed of authentication, this technology is one of the most advanced authentication technologies in the world.

Wave goodbye to passwords

Hitachi’s new hand gesture technology authenticates users from finger vein patterns with a wave. Turn your standard computer cameras into advanced finger vein scanners without the need of additional hardware or special sensors. Using the existing camera in your laptop or smartphone, the hand gesture technology scans the unique vein patterns in all fingers when the user waves their hand in front of it. This removes the hassle and additional cost of hardware tokens, smartcards or biometric readers.

Fast, accurate, and cost effective

With 80% of all cyber-attacks starting with compromised passwords, the removal of password entry is key for protecting users and businesses from cyber-attacks. Hitachi’s cost-effective authentication solution using finger vein mapping technology creates a data set description using a proprietary one-way algorithm, which is then encrypted with AES-256 encryption to produce an encrypted template, but not an image of vein patterns.

Finger vein patterns are unique and as they are located inside the body and are very difficult to be copied. With the scanned finger having to be attached to a live human body in order for the veins of the finger to be authenticated, it removes the risks of copied or spoofed biometric data. More reliability is also added, as unlike fingerprints, finger veins do not change with age and the readability is not affected by skin damage, dirt, or moisture.

For more information on Hitachi authentication solutions or if you require a demo, please get in touch.


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