Go2Clock Cloud Hosted Time & Attendance System

Cloud hosted SAAS realtime time & attendance solution offering flexible, powerful and fast management of any type of workforce.

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Product Information

Advanced Time & Attendance Reporting Platform

Next Generation Cloud Based Time & Attendance from ClockReports

Go2clock is the next generation cloud platform for businesses with a varied workforce, offering plenty of powerful features to record and manage employee attendance and schedules from anywhere in the world.

Time & attendance terminals

Capture employee time & attendance data (e.g. time in and time out) through our industry-leading biometric terminals offering fingerprint, facial recognition, contactless RFID cards/tags, PIN-codes or via their smartphones. Data captured by our biometric time clocks immediately syncs to the Go2Clock UK based servers, where the clock records appear automatically within Go2Clocks easy-to-use cloud dashboard.

Realtime visibility

Offering realtime visibility, administrators can access a dashboard showing the current status of their employees from anywhere in the world and on any device connected to the internet.

Software features

Features are not restricted – no matter your company size, you will get access to the same powerful platform and high level of support.

  • Realtime view
  • Shift management
  • Rota & scheduling
  • Overtime calculations (inc. cumulative)
  • Deduct breaks
  • Time rounding
  • Early & late exception reports
  • Holidays & sickness (paid/unpaid)
  • Payrate codes
  • Manager access for approving overtime etc.
  • Mobile web app clocking
  • Export for Payroll reports (PeopleHR, Sage)

Go2Clock lets you create and manage employee shift patterns (fixed and flexible), rota’s, holiday, sick leave, lateness, and pay. Even work locations can be recorded using Go2Clocks integrated Openstreet mapping technology for off-site and mobile workforce management. Designed with flexibility in mind, reports can be based on and filtered by locations, departments or trades.

When connected to thermal measurement clocking terminals, this advanced cloud-based software can also display real-time temperature recordings of employees and if masks were worn at time of the clock. This offers a great solution for those implementing fever detection technology for a secure and safe working environment for all.

Go2Clock Overview Video

Go2Clock Dashboard View

Go2Clock Dashboard 2021

Remote Multi-User Platform

Log in from any computer, tablet or phone, from anywhere in the world. View which employees are in or out and where they are located in real-time via the dashboard. Punch users in or out manually and generate timesheets online!

Detailed Cloud Reporting

Generate & print timesheets in Excel or PDF format with report filtering via locations, departments, and trades. Export data to Payroll and seamlessly CloudSync with ClockreportsXE Desktop Software for powerful online or offline reporting.

clock icon Go2Clock Admin Punch

Admins can clock for users in real time via the ‘Employees’ tab within the software. This makes it easy to manage and verify hours worked for the payroll of temporary workers such as sub contractors or agency staff.

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Go2Clock Timesheets

Simple timesheets for effortless reporting of employees worked hours, breaks they’ve taken, as well as any over or under time completed. Evacuation report included.

Go2Clock Tablet

Go2Clock Temperature Records

Real-time temperature recordings are displayed clearly on the Go2Clock dashboard. This fever detection technology is ideal for creating safe working environments.

go2clock temperature measurements

Go2Clock Live Location Tracking

Find out where mobile users are when they clock in or out from a web-enabled smartphone running the Go2Clock App that uses built in open street mapping technology.

Go2Clock Mobile App

Compatible Biometric Products

Go2Cock is compatible with a range of industry-leading biometric time clocks including facial, fingerprint, RFID, pin-codes, and multi-biometrics. See supported Idency clock options below.

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  • Log in from any computer, tablet or phone, from anywhere and manage your time & attendance
  • Real-time view of who is in, who is out and who is late
  • Create and manage multiple rota’s and shift patterns (fixed or flexible)
  • Admin punch users in or out manually and generate time-sheets online
  • Generate attendance, holiday, sickness and emergency evacuation reports
  • Filter and manage unlimited departments and trades
  • Manage employees, agencies and contractors
  • Generate & print or export timesheets to Excel and Payroll
  • View mobile users exact location when they clock in/out using web-enabled smartphone with built in open street mapping technology
  • Connect selected Idency fingerprint, facial recognition and RFID time clocks
  • Seamlessly CloudSync with ClockReportsXE Desktop Software for powerful online or offline reporting

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