Anviz CrossChex: Transfer users & user templates between Anviz terminals

How do you transfer registered users and employee templates (facial, fingerprint, cards, etc) between Anviz clocking devices?

It is possible to transfer employees user information and biometric templates between Anviz terminals (of the same type. Such as facial to facial, fingerprint to fingerprint) using the Anviz CrossChex software.

How to transfer users & templates:

  1. Open and run the Anviz CrossChex software as administrator
  2. Navigate to the ‘User’ tab, then select the device you want to download the users/templates from by using the checkbox
  3. Click the ‘Download User’ button – once finished, select all of the users and click the ‘Download Template’ button
  4. All of your users should appear in the list below with a green box under their FP1/Face column. This means the software now has their biometric templates
  5. With all of the users still selected, click the Set Privilege (v4) or Authorise (v5) icon from the menu bar.
  6. Select/tick all devices that you’d like these users to have access on and then click OK. This will send their template to all selected devices.
  7. Once these steps have been completed, the ‘Device’ column for the users should list all of the device ID’s that the data has been sent to (eg. 1, 2)
  8. Users can now use the devices that they were not originally registered on.
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