Use identity cards or tags to track your employees clocking in & out

Idency RFID terminals are fast and accurate and work with EM125 Khz RFID tags and printable cards. The terminals work with a variety of time and attendance software to meet your requirement.

Time & Attendance Software

The complexity of reports you require from your time and attendance records will determine what software package we recommend to you.  We have plenty of different software packages to suit all businesses with on premise and cloud options.

Some of the more popular reporting capabilities:

  • Evacuation report
  • Time rounding
  • Rotas and shifts applied to employees
  • Lateness
  • Overtime

For more information on Idency RFID card/tag time and attendance devices please contact us.


Otherwise please feel free to browse our product categories below.

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ZKTeco iClock S560 RFID Time and Attendance Terminal with Built-in PoE
£349.99 inc.VAT | £291.66 ex.VAT
Ideal for medium/large installations. RFID reader with PoE, colour TFT display & new Push SDK complete solution for cloud systems.
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Anviz OC180 RFID Card/Tag Clocking In Machine
£129.99 inc.VAT | £108.33 ex.VAT
Elegant RFID Time & Attendance device, ideal for medium to large businesses. Works with Anviz Aim CrossChex or ClockReports software.
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Out of Stock
Anviz C2C Colour RFID Clocking In Machine
£199.99 inc.VAT | £166.66 ex.VAT
Has been replaced by the Anviz OC180.
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ZKTeco CR10 Series RFID Readers
CR10 Series are accessories designed to read (CR10E/M) & write (CR10M/W) proximity cards.
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RFID EM125khz USB Card Reader
£49.99 inc.VAT | £41.66 ex.VAT
Designed to read proximity cards. It connects to the PC via USB and can be used to enrol new users.
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RFID Card EM125 KHz Prox Printable
£2.99 £2.20 inc.VAT | £1.83 ex.VAT
Printable industry standard RFID cards. Identifies electronically stored information for Access Control and Time & Attendance.
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Sale mifare tag
Mifare 13.56 MHz – Key Tag
£2.99 £2.20 inc.VAT | £1.83 ex.VAT
Mifare Tag for Access Control and Time & Attendance. Operate in a 13.56 MHZ frequency range.
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RFID Tag EM125KHz – Key Tag
£2.99 £2.20 inc.VAT | £1.83 ex.VAT
RFID Tag for Access Control and Time & Attendance. Works in the 125kHz RF range with a unique 32-bit ID which is not re-programmable.
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