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Blog by Andy | Posted on Friday March 17 2023

Hybrid working or staff across multiple locations? Keeping up with who’s where can be tricky.

Idency has the ideal solution to keep track:

Anviz FaceDeep 5 & Go2Clock features

We recommend harnessing the combined power of:

  • contactless clocking-in devices for your staff
  • a Workforce Management platform based in the cloud

Staff safely and easily clock-in to a sophisticated Time & Attendance device using quick and accurate facial recognition.

You get the data from multiple devices in many locations securely synced to online software. This gives you a real-time view of your workforce from wherever you are and on any device with a browser and access to the internet.

Find out more about simplifying staff management. Keep track with Anviz FaceDeep 5 IRT and Go2Clock Cloud-Hosted Time & Attendance System.

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