Time & Attendance Systems using Biometric clocking devices

Using biometrics for recording your employees time and attendance is by far the most accurate and cost effective solution available.
Fingerprint recognition and Facial Recognition devices are currently the most popular biometric devices for time and attendance.

Take a look at our most popular devices:

Facial Recognition DevicesFingerprint Devices

GDPR & Biometric Data

Our biometric devices securely store biometric data but it can’t be used elsewhere.
A random matrix of data is taken from a user’s fingerprint or face (rather than a full identifiable scan),  an algorithm is applied and then the data is encrypted as it’s stored. This data isn’t readable by any other type of device and you can’t get any images of a face or fingerprint back out. It’s a one-way process only.

For more information see: National Cyber Security Centre – Using Biometrics

Biometric data is classed as Special Category Data by the ICO and so you must offer Users an alternative way to clock. All of our devices also have RFID card/tag or ID & PIN as secondary options.

Benefits of Biometric Time & Attendance Devices

RFID Tags or cards can get forgotten/lost/stolen

Employees can’t get a colleague to clock in or out on their behalf

No extra costs once the system is in place

Biometric systems vs. RFID Tags/Card systems

Cards & tags are:

Costly to purchase

Often lost or broken & vulnerable to theft

Buddy clocking

Biometric systems vs. ID & PIN number systems

ID & PIN numbers are:

Often forgotten

Time consuming to update codes regularly

Buddy clocking

Buddy Clocking: The act of clocking in or out for another colleague using their RFID card, tag or pin-code.

Time & Attendance Software

The complexity of reports you require from your time and attendance records will determine what software package we recommend to you.
We have plenty of different software packages to suit all businesses.

Some popular reporting capabilities include:

  • Realtime reporting
  • Cloud based options
  • Evacuation report
  • Time rounding
  • Shift patterns
  • Sickness (paid/unpaid)
  • Holidays (paid/unpaid)
  • Lateness
  • Overtime
  • Exporting data for payroll

Biometric Clocking Systems for all Business Types & Sizes

Here at Idency we know what type of biometric time & attendance system will best suit your business.
We consider the following when looking at what’s right for you:

  • Number of users
  • Nature of work employees do (e.g. office, factory, manufacturing, healthcare, leisure, construction etc)
  • Internal/external use
  • Type of environment device will be in (e.g. dry, dusty, dirty, wet, hot, cold)
  • Number of buildings/locations

If you’d like to discuss your requirements, please contact us.


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