Identifying and authenticating users for two factor authentication, single sign on, physical access, time and attendance or software purposes

Mobile & email communications, business documents and access passwords are rarely secure enough; more than 60% of business managers share passwords with others! Strong authentication and higher levels of integrated security solutions can help eliminate the risk of your data or communications being compromised.

User identity forms the foundation of all enterprise security models. Biometric software solutions and biometric identification and authentication products make strong security simple, practical and affordable for businesses of all sizes.

What authentication solution are you looking for?

  • Access Control:
    Restricting access to your company office/factory or just certain areas & rooms is very straightforward to install and manage via the associated software.
  • Single Sign On:
    A USB fingerprint reader can provide a simple yet very secure way of providing single sign on for Windows PCs (via Windows Hello) or for accessing your own software with a bespoke solution.
  • Time & Attendance:
    Idency have an abundant variety of solutions available for all sizes and types of business. We have a huge selection of devices and software to suit your business.
  • Two Factor Authentication:
    Applying an additional authentication requirement is increasing popular for accessing PCs and important software packages.

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