Time & attendance systems tailored to suit your business

Accurately tracking your employees, agencies and contractors attendance can be really time consuming. With a time and attendance machine connected to the right reporting software you can dramatically reduce your costs and human error.

The solutions Idency supply help ensure that only the employee themselves can record their attendance, thus offering greater accuracy in attendance tracking.

  • Ensure 100% accurate records
  • Streamline business processes
  • Improves your workforce’s efficiency
  • Saves administration time
  • Reduces overall labour costs
  • Removes human error from the equation
  • Reduce password management costs

What physical devices we offer

We provide a wide variety of devices to suit your specific business needs. Multiple buildings and locations country-wide (or even international) is no problem, our solutions are scaleable to whatever size or spread your business has.

Our various devices offer registration by:

Our biometric time & attendance solutions are generally more popular because they:

  • Provide 100% accuracy
  • 0% fraudulent punches
  • Very fast registration & recognition
  • Ease of use
  • No tags or cards required (which are an additional cost as well as can be lost)

Management software

More and more of our clients are moving towards our cloud based solutions for realtime monitoring & reporting for payroll etc. Naturally we also have on-premise solutions available too.

Remote support

For most of our clients remote support is sufficient for us to guide them through the set-up process. Our devices and software are straightforward to set-up and use. Sometimes onsite installation is requested or required. See our support set-up services page for more information.

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