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What’s the best Time & Attendance solution for your business? What software? What clocking devices? Let us help you by providing you with all of the information you need to make the best choice.

What’s the best Time & Attendance solution for my business?

How do you know which time & attendance solution you should go for?

We get asked this question a lot! It’s not surprising though… There’s a huge selection of clocking devices available on the market today, with a vast array of functionality, and they connect to an even more varied number of software packages for payroll and reporting purposes.

To get into the right ballpark you will need to have answers to the following questions:

Requirements regarding employees

total number of employees
type of employees
types of employees
employee shifts clocking

nightshift employees
total employees using device

Requirements regarding locations

time and attendance locations
device installation

clocking device communication settings

Requirements regarding devices

multiple or single clocking device
types of clocking device biometric
time & attendance clocking device identification modes

Requirements regarding reporting

payroll information
access to clocking data
cloud time & attendace software go2clock
time and attendance magament cloud or local server

employee shift rules
evacuation reports

If you’re unsure on any of the above, we can help you.

We will discuss your needs and come up with a time and attendance solution that meets your requirements and saves you money.

For more information on your time and attendance requirements please contact us.

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Everything you need to know when purchasing a Time & Attendance solution for your business.


  • What is the total number of employees using the devices?
  • What is the maximum number of employees using a single device?
  • What type of workers will be using the devices? (e.g office, construction, factory, hospitality, etc).
  • Will your employees be clocking in or out for their lunchtime and breaks, or just at the start and end of their shifts?
  • Do you have nightshift employees? (e.g working beyond midnight).


  • How many separate locations do you have?
  • Where will the devices be installed? (e.g office, factory, indoor, or outdoor).
  • Can the clocking devices be networked, or do they need wifi, or do they need to be mobile?


  • How many clocking devices will you need in total? This includes each separate location.
  • What identification modes do you think are suitable? (e.g fingerprint, facial recognition, RFID cards, ID & Password).

Software & Reporting

  • What information do you need to extract for payroll?
  • What rules do you apply to employee shifts? (e.g overtime, lateness, early shifts, time rounding, pay rates etc).
  • Who needs to be able to access the raw clocking data?
  • Do you require and/or prefer a cloud based or local server?
  • Do you need to be able to generate an evacuation report?

For more information and assistance with your time and attendance requirements please contact us.


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