Security Made Simple

Sophos began producing antivirus and encryption products nearly 30 years ago. Today their products help secure the networks used by 100 million people.

Simple Security is Better Security

As IT networks grow in complexity, Sophos focus on keeping IT security simple and reliable. IT security products have become as complex as the networks they’re trying to secure, but the solution to complexity is not more complexity.

Sophos tackle security challenges with clarity and confidence, knowing that simple security is better security.

Sophos know's that a proper security strategy must include networks, servers and devices —all devices— managed easily through a single cloud-based console.

Secure every endpoint of your network, from laptops to virtual desktops and servers, to web and email traffic and mobile devices.

For more information on Sophos solutions or if you require a demo, please get in touch.


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Sophos Central
Sophos Central is the powerful, cloud-based platform for centralised security management and is included as standard with any Central-man...
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Sophos Intercept X
World’s most comprehensive next-generation endpoint protection delivering unmatched protection against unknown malware, exploits, and ran...
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Sophos XG Firewall
A fresh new approach to the way you manage your firewall, respond to threats, and monitor what’s happening on your network. Please con...
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Sophos Intercept X for Server
Designed to secure business critical servers, VMs, and cloud workloads (AWS & Microsoft Azure) without sacrificing performance, Inter...
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Sophos Phish Threat product box
Sophos Phish Threat
Flexible and customised phishing email simulation & training to facilitate a positive security awareness culture at your organisation...
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Sophos Email
Predictive cloud email security powered by artificial intelligence for defeating today’s threats with an eye on tomorrow. Please contact ...
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Sophos Mobile
Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) and security solution with best-in-class data protection, comprehensive security capabilities. Pleas...
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Sophos Wireless
Intelligence Connected. Sophos Wireless is secure, enhanced, and perfected for you to deploy and manage wireless networks with ease. P...
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Sophos SafeGuard Encryption
Complete data protection solution that encrypts content at creation, protecting data with access control on multiple devices & operat...
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Sophos Secure Web Gateway
Advanced protection & lightning performance with full control and instant insights over all web activity on a network. Please cont...
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