Idency Audit: Detect

Once you’ve completed an initial Discovery phase with an IT Healthcheck, you’ll have a detailed idea of your situation and the steps you need to take to secure your organisation. The next step is to test your system’s resilience and see how is stands up to the kinds of attacks it could face from hackers. Idency will work with you through the Detect phase of the Idency Audit suite of services to: – check your configuration – prepare your system – attack and monitor specific assets – remediate based on what is found – run a Penetration Test. Once this stage is complete, you will have a detailed report of the status of your system and what additional steps need to be taken and any advisory points for best practices as an organisation.

For more information or to discuss an IT security audit for your business, please contact us.

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Detect: the next step in securing your organisation

Testing your system’s resilience with simulated cyber attacks

Armed with information from your Idency Audit: Discovery phase, we will work through a series of steps to prepare and test your IT system to give you a detailed report. This includes:

  1. Check the configuration of your assets and network and prepare your system for testing
  2. Attack and monitor specific assets, then remediate based on the findings
  3. Run a Penetration Test for a detailed system report
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What is an External Network Penetration Test?

Highlight Critical Issues Idency Audit Suite icon

External penetration testing uncovers any potential critical issues within your IT security practices and demonstrates how well your network and data are protected.

Potential Compromise Impact Idency Audit Suite icon

We’ll need to know what makes up your IT system so we can see what needs protecting and the best way to demonstrating the potential impact of a compromise if attackers were to be successful.

External Penetration Idency Audit Suite icon

This testing reviews vulnerabilities that could be exploited by external users without credentials or access rights. It confirms the status of the perimeter/external access and if vulnerable ports are open to the internet.

Return on investment Idency Audit Suite icon

Our assessments can help managers evaluate the return on investment of existing security defences, such as firewalls and other prevention systems. Where necessary Idency will help you fill in the gaps with our leading edge security solutions.

Assessments Idency Audit Suite icon

Assessments will be considered from a number of perspectives including satellite office, desktop user and within the hosting environment (servers, desktops, laptops, virtual machines, firewalls, switches, etc) connected to a network.

Security Benchmarking Idency Audit Suite icon

If identified as a necessary requirement, an additional review of the server / system build status / hardened state can be undertaken using security benchmarking – this is a separate service. Please contact us for more information.

Our Penetration Testing Specialists are incredibly skilled in this arena. You can rest assured of the quality and expertise of our Penetration Testing service.

To arrange a meeting to discuss an IT security heathcheck for your business, please contact us.

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  • Check your configuration
  • Prepare your system
  • Attack and monitor specific assets
  • Remediate based on what is found
  • Run a Penetration Test

For more information or to discuss an IT security audit for your business, please contact us.

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