Cloud or PC/Server Based Time & Attendance Software to manage your employees time and attendance

Idency has a broad range of time and attendance software packages to meet your specific requirements whether it be in the cloud or installed on a server/PC.

We also supply the Biometric and RFID clocking devices for collecting your time and attendance data.


Our software solutions can provide everything from simple day to day summaries of each employee’s working hours to much more complex and customised reports. Here are some of the options you can report on:

  • Evacuation reports
  • Absence
  • Holidays and sickness
  • Lateness
  • Time rounding
  • Shifts & rotas
  • Overtime
  • Undertime

Connection with Payroll systems

Creating a report that can easily be exported/imported into your payroll software can save you a lot of time & hassle. There are different software options we have that can help make this as seamless as possible for you.

Cloud or on premise

We have on premise and cloud software options. Cloud based time and attendance software can be of particular benefit if you have remote locations.

For more information or to discuss your time and attendance software requirements please contact us.


Otherwise please feel free to browse our products below.

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Go2Clock Cloud Hosted Time & Attendance System
Cloud hosted Time & Attendance solution offering flexible, powerful and fast management of any type of workforce. For 100+ employees ...
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ClockReportsXE Basic & Ultimate Time & Attendance Software Bundle
£239.99 inc.VAT | £199.99 ex.VAT
Feature rich Time & Attendance Software bundle. Works seamlessly with our Anviz and ZKTeco range of biometric and RFID time clocks.
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ClockReportsXE Ultimate Time & Attendance Software
£199.99 inc.VAT | £166.66 ex.VAT
Feature rich Time and Attendance Software with evacuation report. Works seamlessly with our Anviz and ZKTeco range of biometric and RFID ...
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ClockReportsXE Basic Time & Attendance Software
£79.99 inc.VAT | £66.66 ex.VAT
Basic reporting Time and Attendance Software. Works seamlessly with our Anviz and ZKTeco range of biometric and RFID time clocks.
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ClockReports Additional Software Licence Key
£36.00 inc.VAT | £30.00 ex.VAT
Additional software licence key for when installing your current, activated ClockReports software onto a new PC/Server.
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ClockReports Additional Product Licence Key
£36.00 inc.VAT | £30.00 ex.VAT
Additional product licence key for when adding a new time clocking machine to your current, activated ClockReports software.
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Anviz AIM CrossChex Software
Intelligent On-Premise Time & Attendance and Access Control management system. FREE with Anviz Time & Attendance and Access Contr...
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ZKTimeNet 3.0 Time and Attendance Access Control Software
£379.99 inc.VAT | £316.66 ex.VAT
New generation management software. Integrates Time & Attendance and Access Control. Pricing per server: (5 Terminals, 100 Users, 5 Y...
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ZK BioTime 7.0 Cloud-Based Time & Attendance Software
ZK BioTime 7.0 is a powerful and innovative web-based time attendance software package. Please contact us for pricing.
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