Anviz C2 Pro Fingerprint & Mifare Time and Attendance Terminal

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Perfect for small or large organisations. Advanced optical fingerprint sensor for fast and accurate registration with PoE and WiFi power options. Works with Anviz Aim CrossChexCloudClocking and ClockReports software.

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High Performance Fingerprint & Mifare Clocking Device Offering WiFi

New generation optical advanced fingerprint sensor for fingerprint comparison in less than 0.5s

The Anviz C2 Pro is high performance time and attendance terminal equipped with highly efficient dual-core 1G processor. The C2 Pro has a new generation advanced optical fingerprint sensor for higher performance fingerprint comparison in less than 0.5s. The friendly GUI and 3.5 inches TFT LCD makes the C2 Pro easy to use. It supports several RFID/Mifare reader modules (HID, ALLEGION or ANVIZ) and TCP/IP, PoE or WiFi communication for different requirements. It also provides 1 x relay for connecting to an access control system and includes 1 x RS232 for printing.

Anviz C2 Pro Feature Overview Video

Anviz C2 Pro User & Registration Video

Compatible software

The Anviz C2 Pro is compatible with the following Time and Attendance and Access Control desktop software and cloud based service.

Take a look at the Software Tab above and find a feature set that meets your requirement or use the links below.

Please arrange a FREE online demo with us where we can demonstrate how it works live.

For more information on the Anviz C2 Pro Mifare and compatible software please contact us.

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  • Identification modes: Fingerprint, Mifare Card and Password
  • Capacity: Max 5,000 Users (1:N), Max 200,000 Users (1:1)
  • Template: Max 5,000 Templates (1:N), Max 200,000 Templates (1:1)
  • Ergonomic design with new rubber keypad to provide a better user experience
  • Logs: Max 100,000
  • BioNANO – The core algorithm
    • Suitable fir both wet and dry fingers
    • Automatically restores the broken lines in fingerprint images
    • Extraction of features in worn fingerprints
    • Fingerprint template auto update
  • Linux platform to provide a safe and stable performance
  • Finishes the comparison in less than 0.5s
  • Embedded fingerprint templates to IC card to offer more safety comparison on 1:1
  • Mifare compatibility
  • TCP/IP & WiFi
  • USB Drive & Host
  • PoE
  • Provides 1 relay for belling and connecting to Access Control system
  • RS232 interface can be connected to a Time & Attendance printer
  • Power: DC 5-12V 1A
  • Dimensions: 140(W) x 190(H) x 32(D) mm
  • Bigger and brighter 3.5 inch colour display
  • Fast & easy installation through a wall-mounted boar
  • Based on the Linux operation system,SDK and EDK available for further development – please contact us

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Has reduced our wage bill already!”

Andy Ridge

Managing Director at Industrial Engineering & Installation Services

Anviz Partner of the Year 2022 award
We are very satisfied with the scanner and find the image quality to be very good.”

Chris Jackson

Managing Director, Mears and Jackson

Anviz Partner of the Year 2022 award
There is always someone to help and support us and we have needed that a lot recently with the implementation of the new devices.”

Lucy Lavender

HR Manager

Anviz Partner of the Year 2022 award