Idency Time & Attendance Plug-in for PeopleHR

Integrate time & attendance into PeopleHR by connecting any ZKTeco, TSG or Anviz Biometric or RFID Time & Attendance Clocking-in Terminals using our on-premise Plug-in Software.

The Idency PHR Plug-in is a desktop application that sits on a server or dedicated PC on the network. It allows you to transfer time & attendance records from your Idency clocking-in machine to PeopleHR human resources software.

Our software can also provide Evacuation Reports, Night Shift Calculating and can be linked with access control. Please contact us for pricing.

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Product Information

Integrate Time & Attendance into PeopleHR

Automate the process of populating PeopleHR with your time and attendance clocking in data from your chosen Time & Attendance Device

Our on-premise plugin software automatically synchronises with your chosen time & attendance device and then exports the clocking in/out records directly into the employee planner timesheets within PeopleHR Human Resources Software. The Idency plug-in is a per annum license and includes the comprehensive desktop application software that can be installed on a dedicated PC or server. Also included is 12 months unlimited remote setup and support for the plug-in software and time & attendance device.

See Media Tab for recommended Time and Attendance terminals via the fact sheet and PeopleHR Plug-in video.

Idency PeopleHR time & attendance plugin overview video

Populated PeopleHR planner using the Idency time & attendance plugin

PeopleHR timesheet

How the Plug-in works:

Employees are able to clock in and out efficiently using the chosen clocking-in terminal available from the industry-leading brands: Anviz, Trustone Global (TSG), and ZKTeco. Devices compatible with the software offer a range of choice in identification modes including Fingerprint, Facial recognition and/or RFID Card/Tag. Systems work by measuring features of the body that are unique to each person, and thus offer greater accuracy in attendance tracking and access control.

Once employees begin clocking in and out on the chosen device, the data is stored within the device itself and automatically uploaded to PeopleHR via the plug-in software via an auto sync (minimum of 30 mins). This data is then available to use for evacuation reports using the plug-in software. The software will then export this data into PeopleHR where it will automatically appears (up to every 30 minutes) within PeopleHR Human Resources Software under the employee timesheets.

Idency Plug-in Software

Raw data collected from biometric models and automatically synchronised with the Idency PHR Plug-in Software.

From here, this data can be exported for instant Evacuation reports (printed and/or Web Server) and will automatically populate PeopleHR employee timesheets (up to every 30 minutes).


Software Evac Report

Your employee clock records can be synchronised for instant Evacuation reports. You can generate these reports by simply pressing the Evac Report button. The report can either be printed or viewed via a web browser.

These reports display who is in and who is not, which clock they used and when they last clocked.


The Idency PHR plug-in software data then automatically appears within your employees planners, accessible on the PeopleHR management dashboard. Holidays, remote working days, and normal office hours already setup within PeopleHR, the data seamlessly fills in the clocking data of a standard employee shift.

If you would like to see the plug-in in more detail, please contact us to arrange a WebEx where we will be able to demonstrate live how the plug-in works and answer any further questions that you may have.

Unique Features:

  • Evacuation Reports
  • Midnight Clocking – logic applied if no clock status is selected
  • No network configuration requirements
  • Sync’s current time (so auto updates for clocks changing)
  • Compatible with over 40 time & attendance devices
  • Accurate automated records

Support & Setup Services include:

  • Ensure 100% accurate time and attendance records
  • Streamline business processes
  • Improves your workforce’s efficiency
  • Saves administration time
  • Reduces overall labour costs
  • Removes human error from the equation
  • Reduce password management costs

Biometric Time & Attendance Solutions

  • Connecting the unit
  • Software set up and integration
  • Registering employees and adding users
  • Using the evacuation report
  • Basic training
  • Downloading and synchronising data

Contrary to popular belief, when registering an individual with a biometric recognition device, they do NOT take a scan or image of the personal data. They look for specific points within face/finger and saves the coordinates of these points. The data is immediately encrypted and will only make sense to the compatible software. So rest assured that personal data has not literally been taken and stored.

Please arrange a FREE online demo with us where we can demonstrate how it works live.

For more information on the Idency Time & Attendance Plugin for PeopleHR and compatible software please contact us.

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  • Ensure 100% accurate time and attendance records
  • Streamline business processes
  • Improves your workforce’s efficiency
  • Saves administration time
  • Reduces overall labour costs
  • Removes human error from the equation
  • Reduce password management costs

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