Use a facial recognition machine for tracking your employee time and attendance

Facial recognition is fast becoming a very popular way of recording your employee time & attendance.

Fast registration & clocking

Registration is easy and clocking in/out is done in a split second.

100% Accurate

Your personnel can’t cheat this system. No-one can clock in their buddy. Our facial recognition devices are accurate and reliable, you can rest assured that your data is precise.

This ensures workers are only paid for the work they have actually done – take a look at our video demonstration below.

Video Demonstration

GDPR Compliant

Our biometric devices don’t hold any biometric data that could be useable elsewhere. A random matrix of data is stored of a user’s fingerprint or face (rather than a full identifiable scan). This data isn’t readable by any other type of device.

Ideal for Manual Workers, Factories & Manufacturing

To clock in or out you just have to walk in front of the device, you don’t need to touch it – so worn, dirty or wet hands are not an issue (which you would have with fingerprint devices).

Time & Attendance software

Our facial recognition devices are compatible with our time and attendance software offerings.

Time & Attendance can now be managed via the cloud using Go2Clock’s cloud-based workforce management system – take a look at our video demonstration below.

Video Demonstration

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