ZKTeco SpeedFace V5L (TD) Multi-Biometric Terminal with Temperature Measurement

£649.99 inc.VAT | £541.66 ex.VAT

Multi-biometric terminal with fever and mask detection for access control and time and attendance.
Facial, palm and fingerprint recognition:

  • Prevents access with fever detection
  • Body temperature measurement & mask detection
  • Can connect to or replace your existing access control system
  • Will work with most 12v magnetic and electric locks
  • Fast facial, palm and fingerprint recognition
  • Anti-spoofing against printed pictures and 3D models
  • 6,000 Face capacity
  • Works with Go2Clock Cloud Based Time & Attendance Management Service

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Product Information

High-Speed Multi-Biometric Fever Detection Terminal

ZKTeco thermal scanning terminal offering facial, palm vein and fingerprint recognition

The ZKTeco SpeedFace V5L [TD] is a multi-biometric terminal which helps eliminate fever concerns through time & attendance and access control that have become the main barrier to a safer working environment. This terminal provides improved high-speed contactless authentication and attendance clocking through facial recognition and palm vein via the dual sensor camera, as well as fingerprint recognition. With the latest generation of biometric technology, the SpeedFace provides ultimate anti-spoofing ability against almost all types of fake photos, 3D masks and video attacks.

For cloud-based time & attendance management, supervisors can sync the ZKTeco SpeedFace directly to Go2Clock, the next generation cloud based workforce management platform. Click here for more information on Go2Clock or visit the software tab above to view all compatible software options.

ZKTeco SpeedFace V5L TD With Go2Clock Time & Attendance

Go2Clock Cloud Software for Time & Attendance Management

ClockIcon Recognition Speed & Temperature Records

The ZKTeco SpeedFace V5L (TD) requires less than 0.3 seconds to accurately recognise and measure the user’s temperature even when a mask is present. Using the SpeedFace with Go2Clock cloud management system, body temperature records taken will appear next to employee clock records so you can keep track of possible fevers among staff onsite.

go2clock temperature measurements
Go2Clock Cloud Software

StorageCard Improved Capacity & Real Time Overview

This multi-biometric terminal offers fingerprint, palm & facial recognition with a maximum of 6,000 fingerprint/facial templates and 3,000 palm templates. Using the SpeedFace with Go2Clock cloud management system, admins can see a live overview of each employees attendance real-time clock status via the Go2Clock cloud management dashboard.

Go2Clock live demo

FeverIcon Fever Detection

During outbreaks of infectious and contagious diseases, multi-biometric Access Control terminal with body temperature measurement feature with mask detection is the perfect choice for more controlled and protected work conditions.

ZKTeco Speedface Fever Detection

LocationImage Suitable Environment

Certain public areas, such as schools, colleges, hospitals, factories and commercial buildings are more vulnerable and open to contagious diseases. The ZKTeco V5L (TD)’s features will help with safe management and work space improvement.

ZKTeco SpeedFace Diagram

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For more information on the ZKTeco SpeedFace V5L TD and compatible software please contact us.

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  • Body temperature detection: measurement deviation of ±0.3°C
  • Mask detection; facial verification available with masks
  • Additional temperature functions (configurable): Mask detection alarm, Fever detection alarm, Opening only with mask
  • Capacity of facial and fingerprint templates for verification: 60,000
  • Capacity of palm templates for verification; 3,000
  • Anti-spoofing algorithm against print attack (laser, colour and B/W photos), videos attack, and 3D mask attack
  • Integrated controller (Door sensor, Push-button & Relay)
  • Dual sensor camera for facial recognition
  • 5” touch screen with colour
  • Wide range of working temperature (-10°C; +45°C)
  • Communication TCP/IP and USB
  • Dimensions: 91.93 (W) x 220 (H) x 22.5 (D) mm

PLEASE NOTE: * Facial verification for masked individuals will reduce from the 6,000 capacity. Fingerprint or palm verification is recommended for masked individuals.

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