ZKTeco SpeedFace V5 Time & Attendance and Access Control Terminal

£899.99 inc.VAT | £749.99 ex.VAT

Multi-biometric terminal for access control and time and attendance.
Facial, RFID and fingerprint recognition:

  • Can connect to or replace your existing access control system
  • 5-inch touch LCD
  • Dual-camera for real-time face detection
  • Compatible with external RS232, RS485 and Wiegand reader
  • TCP/IP, Wi-Fi communication
  • Will work with most 12v magnetic and electric locks
  • Fast facial recognition from 0.3 – 3 metre distance
  • Anti-spoofing against printed pictures and 3D models
  • 6,000 Face capacity
  • 10,000 Fingerprint/FRID Template capacity
  • Works with Go2Clock Cloud Based Time & Attendance Management Service

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Product Information

High-Speed Multi-Biometric With 5-Inch Touch Display

ZKTeco SpeedFace V5 terminal is offering facial, RFID and fingerprint recognition

The ZKTeco SpeedFace V5 is a multi-biometric time & attendance and access control terminal which provides facial, RFID and fingerprint recognition options. This unit has an improved high-speed contactless authentication and attendance clocking via the dual sensor camera, as well as a fingerprint scanner alternative. With the latest generation of biometric technology, the SpeedFace provides ultimate anti-spoofing ability against almost all types of fake photos, 3D masks and video attacks.

For cloud-based time & attendance management, supervisors can sync the ZKTeco SpeedFace directly to Go2Clock, the next generation cloud based workforce management platform. Click here for more information on Go2Clock or visit the software tab above to view all compatible software options.

ZKTeco SpeedFace V5 Key Features

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SpeedFace V5 & Cloud-Based System Go2Clock

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ClockIcon Dual-Camera & Recognition Distance

Facial recognition distance for ZKTeco SpeedFace is between 0.3 – 3 metres. The terminal is equipped with a dual-camera for real-time face detection.

StorageCard Improved Capacity

This multi-biometric terminal offers fingerprint, palm & facial recognition with a maximum of 6,000 facial templates;10,000 RFID/Fingerprint templates.


Compatible with external RS232, RS485 and Wiegand reader. TCP / IP, Wi-Fi communication.

ZKTeco SpeedFace Diagram

Computer Vision

This ZKTeco terminal is enhanced with Visible Light Facial Recognition with Computer Vision built-in.

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  • Enhanced Visible Light Facial Recognition with Computer Vision built-in
  • Multiple verification with Fingerprint, RFID an Facial Recognition
  • 5-inch touch LCD
  • Dual-camera for real-time face detection
  • 6,000 face template capacity
  • 10,000 RFID and fingerprint template capacity
  • Recognition distance: 0.3 – 3 m
  • Compatible with external RS232, RS485 and Wiegand reader
  • TCP / IP, Wi-Fi communication
  • 2G RAM / 16G ROM memory
  • 2MP dual lens
  • Operating temperature: -10°C ~ 45°C (14°F ~ 113°F)
  • Operating voltage: 12V 3A

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