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Time & attendance for the construction industry

Time tracking can be such a challenge for the construction industry. Some of the difficulties that the construction industry face include juggling a mix of part-time & full time employees under different trades, receiving different pay rates, requiring flexible hours, all the while these employees are scattered across multiple locations... and that's just one of the projects on the go. All these factors contribute to the complexity of monitoring hours worked and managing time & attendance with efficiency and accuracy of records, not to mention costly.

'Has reduced our wage bill already!'

Andy Ridge - Managing Director, Industrial Engineering & Installation Services


Thankfully biometric time & attendance technology can be used to simplify all of the difficulties mentioned above.

Using biometrics for recording your employees time and attendance is by far the most accurate and cost effective solution available, with Fingerprint and Facial Recognition devices currently the most popular biometric devices for time and attendance.

GDPR Compliance

Our range of devices don’t hold any biometric data that could be useable elsewhere.
A random matrix of data is stored of a user’s fingerprint or face (rather than a full identifiable scan). This data isn’t readable by any other type of device.


Benefits of Biometric Time & Attendance Solutions

There are a range of benefits that come with having a comprehensive biometric time & attendance solution, and here are just a few...

Track time in, time out, breaks, holidays, lateness, sick and more with no limits to flexibility

No more handwritten timesheets that get lost, damaged, or forged

Reduce costs & burden on admins by preventing human error with accurate attendance data

Real-time, accurate records of attendance status for evacuation reporting and heath & safety compliance

Capture clocking data at remote sites even without internet connection with 3G enabled devices

Know staff are clocking in where they should be with real-time location tracking

Prevent 'buddy clocking' and other time theft with intelligent biometric identification methods

Enjoy convenience and efficiency with Excel and PDF export formats accessible from the cloud remotely

What Idency can offer you

We provide supported solutions that incorporate cloud based or on-premise time & attendance software that is easily deployable and scalable to your specific requirements. There's a huge selection of clocking devices available at Idency with a vast array of functionality. Contact us to discuss the most appropriate solution for your working environment.

Free Consultancy Service

Idency offer free Time & Attendance and Biometric consultancy services to help you identify, implement & integrate a biometric authentication solution to meet your requirements by providing all of the information you need to make the best choice.

Setup & Support Services

Idency can support you on the installation of your biometric and RFID access control and time & attendance solutions.

Recommended Time & Attendance Devices for Construction Sites

ZKTeco S922 Portable 3G Fingerpint & RFID Terminal

ZKTeco S922 Portable & Robust Time and Attendance TerminalSpecifically designed for off-site time and attendance management, the portable and rugged ZKTeco S922 Terminal is the perfect time and attendance solution for construction sites.

The robust device is specifically useful for working environments with no network connections available and remote working sites, making it ideal for managing workforces that constantly move from one site to another. This is due to its very own GPRS and 3G (WCDMA).

It's portable, waterproof, dust-proof and shockproof build proves its practicality for challenging environments with IP65 rating.

ZKTeco VF380 Facial Recognition & RFID Terminal

VF380The ZKTeco VF380 offers fast and accurate facial identification and enrolment for your workforce. Ideal for construction sites for up to 400 personnel, facial recognition eliminates attendance fraud - no more paying for time employees are not present.

Facial recognition is ideal for manual working industries such as construction where employees may have dirty, dusty, wet or worn hands. It eliminates time taken to register by identifying employees in less than a second - simply look and go.

The VF380 can be networked or stand-alone with USB drive download option. Work codes can be applied to this device via Go2Clock.

Workforce Management System for Construction

Convenience and simplicity is key. Say goodbye to the pain of software downloads and updates with Go2Clock

Go2Clock: Next Generation Cloud Based Time & Attendance

Capture employee time in & time out data and access from anywhere with an internet browser via your own cloud set up. This is ideal for construction where locations and hours constantly change.

Data captured by the time clocks syncs with the Go2Clock servers (based in the UK) and the records can then automatically appear in your very own cloud set up. Employees can be identified by either fingerprint, facial recognition, RFID card or tag and PIN codes


Please get in touch if you would like to see any of the Idency systems in action with a free live remote demonstration.