Idency Malwarebytes Endpoint Security (MSP)

Flexible managed endpoint security services through Idency with a choice of the award-winning Malwarebytes cloud protection solutions.

Idency’s versatile MSP service models offer customised payment plans, enabling businesses freedom to scale up or down when needed with on-demand specialist advice and support.

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Product Information

Flexible Endpoint Security tailored to your company needs

Managed Endpoint Security as a service using Malwarebytes industry-leading cloud protection technologies

Idency Malwarebytes Endpoint Security (MSP) covers a range of managed service options that feature the award-winning Malwarebytes cloud protection technologies alongside Idency’s managed support services. An accommodating endpoint security solution suitable for businesses of any size, our specialist trained MSP team provide the precise level of protection and support that your business needs. Whether you find yourself lacking the knowledge and resources to secure your company network or simply want a flexible subscription payment model, this is the solution for you.

The benefits of Idencys Managed Service:

Managed service providers (MSPs) are becoming the preferred solution especially for SMEs, but what makes partnering with a managed service provider (MSP) worth while?

thumbs up iconIn-line image spacerPeace of mind: Everything is taken care of for you with optional full access and visibility

clock iconIn-line image spacerTime & focus reclaimed: Security maintenance can absorb valuable staff time and effort

circle reverse iconIn-line image spacerFlexible service model: Scale up or down when needed with a customised payment plan

invoice cost iconIn-line image spacerReduced company costs: Predictable service costs without additional recruitment fees

person iconIn-line image spacerOn-demand advice and support: Specialist advise and support whenever you need it

malwarebytes iconIn-line image spacerMalwarebytes: Secure endpoints with award-winning cloud protection technologies

Cloud management console powered by Malwarebytes

Idency MSP Malwarebytes Cloud Dashboard

Tailoring our managed service to fit your needs

With Idency, the process of building a managed service package that suits your business security needs is effortless. Follow the steps below for a straightforward setup experience:

Idency Malwarebytes Managed Service MSP step 1 consultancy Image

Step 1: Consultation

Get in touch for a free consultation with one of our trained endpoint protection specialists. On the call we will discuss the systems and facilities you currently have in place to get an idea of the estate.

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Idency Malwarebytes Managed Service MSP step 2 options Image

Step 2: Level of Protection

During the consultation our endpoint security specialist will talk you through the three Malwarebytes products you can choose from and advise on which option would best suit your needs.

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Idency Malwarebytes Managed Service MSP step 3 support Image

Step 3: Level of Support

Idency’s support offers are divided into Bronze, Silver, and Gold (see below). The level of support we provide is completely up to you and may be decided based on the existing level of support you have on-premise.

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Once the consultation is completed and the level of protection and support has been decided, we can discuss the available payment options to form a customised payment plan to suit you.

Idency’s managed security support services

Idency offer three levels of managed service support. Choose from our Bronze, Silver or Gold support packages to appropriately meet the level of support that you require for your business security.

Idency MSP Support Mobile Table
Idency MSP Support Comparison Table

malwarebytes icon

FREE analysis report on your antivirus

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Discuss requirements with our MSP team

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Free live demo of Malwarebytes security

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Robust cloud-based endpoint protection powered by Malwarebytes

To protect your organisations endpoints, Idency use Malwarebytes industry-leading cloud technology. Utilising a multi-layered approach via single agent, Malwarebytes protects against the latest known and unknown malware, from zero-day exploits to ransomeware.

Malwarebytes Awards Mobile
Malwarebytes Awards & Recognitions 2020

For pricing and more information on Idency Malwarebytes Endpoint Security (MSP) please contact us.

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Solution Features:

  • Windows & Mac compatibility
  • Optional full access and visibility of management dashboard
  • Flexible service model for scaling up or down as needed
  • Predictable service costs with a customised payment plan
  • Specialist on-demand advise and support
  • Superior protection with multiple layers in a single platform
  • Collaborative protection with cross-layer shared intelligence

Malwarebytes Features:

Idency Support Services Features:

  • Bronze: Email and phone support
  • Silver: Email and phone support | Setup and on-going deployment
  • Gold: Email and phone support | Setup and on-going deployment | Full management (e.g. policies, exclusions) | Monthly reports
  • Compare: Idency Support Services Comparison Table


For more information on Idency Malwarebytes Managed Endpoint Security (MSP) please contact us.

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