Configure Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent in Windows Action Center

You may have noticed an icon in your system tray with a red X superimposed over an white flag. That is a status indicator for the Windows Action Center, which tells you when your computer has a security issue that needs your attention. Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection can now be registered as the security solution on your computer.

There are three settings available:

  • Let Malwarebytes choose whether to register: Malwarebytes will determine whether it should be registered in Action Center. The program will not register when Microsoft Security Essentials is in use on a Windows 7 or older operating system. It will also not register when Windows Defender is used on a Windows 8 or newer OS. Windows Server OS’ are currently unsupported.
  • Always register Malwarebytes: Malwarebytes program status will always appear in Action Center.
  • Never register Malwarebytes: Malwarebytes program status will never appear in Action Center.

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