Installing Malwarebytes on a Server

For installing Malware on a server, please proceed with the below steps.

The Malwarebytes Management Console is a user interface designed to facilitate and manage Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Anti-Exploit, and Anti-Ransomware on your endpoints. Below is a guide on how to install Malwarebytes to your desired server.

  • Find your confirmation email. This includes a software download link.
  • Click on the link within the email to download a ZIP file.
  • Copy the file to the server where you want to install the Management Server.
  • Right click the zip folder and select Extract All… in the context menu.
  • Once extracted, open the Managed folder.
  • Right-click on mbmc-setup-x.x.x.xxxx.exe and choose Run as Administrator.
  • When the User Account Control window appears, click Yes.
  • You will be asked to download any missing prerequisites. Click Install to proceed.
  • After the prerequisites are installed the installation will begin.
  • Accept the end user license agreement, then click Next.
  • Configure your server address and ports.
  • Your server address can be an IP or fully qualified domain name.
  • For ports, you can leave the default or change them.
  • Configure the database settings.
  • If you do not have your own SQL server, choose the embedded option.  SQL Express is downloaded automatically.
    If you have your own SQL Server database, enter the server and instance.  You will need to enter SA credentials for initial configuration and set the database to mixed-mode authentication.
  • When finished, click Next. The installer will detect there is no database and ask for permission to create one.
  • Choose the installation directory, then click Next, then Next again.
  • The Management Server installs and the database is created and configured.
  • When finished, you have the option to also install the Management Console.
  • Click Close to proceed.
  • The installation for the Management Console starts.
  • Choose the installation directory, then click Next, then Next again.
  • Once the Management Console is finished installing , click Close and the login prompt will launch.
  • Ensure your server address is correct and log in with the username Admin and a blank password.
  • You will be prompted to create a new Admin password.
  • The Management Console has now been installed.

For additional instructions, refer to the Malwarebytes Management Console Administrator Guide, Program Installation section.

For options on how to configure Malwarebytes for Windows server roles, please refer to this guide: Configure Malwarebytes for Windows Server Roles

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