Manually add endpoints in Malwarebytes cloud platform (Windows & Mac)

How to manually add an endpoint

To manually add an endpoint to the Malwarebytes Cloud platform, download the Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent installation file and run the installation file on the endpoint.

Malwarebytes provides endpoint installers to allow you to use your preferred installation method. Any endpoint added via an endpoint installer are assigned to the Default Group and associated with the Default Policy.


  1. Login to your Cloud Console
  2. Select the Endpoints section
  3. Click on the Add button
  4. Locate the Manage Endpoint Installers section
  5. Based on the endpoint's operating system, click on the appropriate Download button
  6. If you need a Windows .MSI install file, click on Additional Installers
  7. After you have downloaded the installation package, run the installer on the endpoint
  8. After successful installation, the endpoint shows up in the Cloud console in the Default Group with the Default Policy

Video Guide: Add Endpoint/Device to Malwarebytes Cloud (Mac)

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