Becrypt Data Protection Suite

Enterprise-level data protection management. Combines Disk & Media Encryption and Control for varied device types. Please contact us for pricing.

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Becrypt Data Protection Suite

Designed to balance the demands of the most security conscious, with the usability and management requirements of today’s diverse office and mobile environments.

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Becrypt Data Protection Suite comprises of:

Disk Protect – Full Disk Encryption (FDE)

Disk Protect ensures that all data stored on a device is protected in the event of theft or loss with the best-of-breed security, whilst being totally transparent to the user. Features include pre-boot authentication for touch screen tablets, optional two-factor authentication and multi-user support. Encryption and password management is implemented using either CAPS, CPA or FIPS 140-2 compliant schemes, ensuring comprehensive and independent product assurance.

Connect Protect – Port Control

Connect Protect provides simple and efficient access control options for endpoint connectivity to removable devices and media. It enforces end user device policies to ensure that your organisation minimises the risk of data leakage and malware introduction, thereby meeting information assurance and compliance goals.

mShare – Secure Media

For many organisations, removable media presents both a significant risk of data loss, as well as a constant threat of the introduction of malware. To enable the safe use of media, Becrypt has developed mShare, a range of Secure Media products that can be used to support flexible data storage and sharing. Becrypt’s Centralised Management System supports policy enforcement, auditing, user and key management across the product family. For UK Government Official, Protect Suite removes the overhead of managing CESG key material. For higher levels of UK data classification, Becrypt offers an equivalent suite of products that have all achieved CAPS certification.

Becrypt Enterprise Manager

Becrypt Enterprise Manager (BEM) is a central management suite that enables organisations to manage and audit their estate of Becrypt data security products. BEM collects information in real-time from Becrypt software including Disk Protect, mShare Removable Media and Connect Protect. All data is stored in a database allowing easy central storage, backup and recovery. Auditing events such as password changes, key requests and user recovery are all logged centrally and can be viewed by multiple authorised administrators from multiple locations.

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  • Full Disk Encryption (FDE)
  • Port control