Idency Backup

Cost effective cloud-based backup solution tailored for changing environments. Ideal for small & medium businesses.

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Safeguard & restore your data with Idency Backup

Traditional backup solutions are costly to maintain and upgrade

What is IdencyBackup? How does it work?

Idency Backup is a managed cloud backup service that leverages the most current cloud technologies to provide a cost effective backup solution. Idency Backup incorporates local and cloud storage methods to allow you to take full control of your data in a secure manner.

Services Idency offers:

  • Consulting with you to determine the best backup schedule for your organisation
  • Remotely install & configure your personalised Idency Backup infrastructure
  • Create and apply a disaster recovery policy to each endpoint
  • Monitor your backup plans
  • Provide full on-going support
  • Inform you of updates to the Idency Backup software as they become available

UK Cloud Backup

Idency Backup allows you to backup your data off-site in a secure location in the UK.

Custom Schedules

Choose from a variety of backup schedules or deploy real time backup policies for crucial data.

Image Based Backup

Backup your complete system images for a bare-metal backup and peace of mind.


Securely and safely encrypt all data backed up into the cloud.

Bandwidth Throttling

Idency Backup adapts to your configuration. Many backup solutions are bandwidth hungry.

Block-Level Backup

Block-level backup takes less bandwidth for regular backups and reduces the backup time.

GDPR Compliance

GDPR requires the backed up data to reflect the live data as often as possible.

Cost Effective

Leverage the most current cloud technologies to provide a cost effective backup solution.

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  • Cross platform backup: Windows, MAC, Linux.
  • Cloud and local backup
  • Scheduled and real-time backup
  • Encryption and compression
  • System state backup and bare metal recovery
  • MS SQL Server backup
  • MS Exchange backup
  • Network locations backup
  • Filtering and open files backup
  • Bandwidth throttling
  • Restore image files to cloud virtual servers

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