VIPRE Endpoint Security On-Premise

Guards against all threats on PCs, Macs and mobiles, with active protection and encryption across all devices. Contact us for pricing.

  • Ultimate protection against emerging threats, Zero-days and ransomware with additional enterprise-class device control features to maximise system performance and simplicity for multiple layers of malware defence.


    Whether you’re running PCs or Macs, VIPRE keeps you safe from an ever-evolving threat landscape so you can focus on business as usual.


    VIPRE installs in minutes and allows you to quickly and easily manage devices across your network, with a simple interface that won’t slow down your machines.


    VIPRE’s Advanced Active Protection uses real-time behaviour monitoring, artificial intelligence and one of the world’s largest threat intelligence clouds to help prevent ransomware.


    • Mission #1 for your endpoint security solution is stopping malware. VIPRE Endpoint Security accomplishes this through next-generation scanning technology, always-on Advanced Active Protection, heuristics, signatures and other sophisticated detection methods.
    • Integrated patch management ensures third-party PC software is up-to-date and protected against exploit kits.
    • Cloud-enabled malicious URL blocking stops users from visiting malicious or compromised websites serving malware.
    • Anti-phishing and email security keeps inboxes safe from malicious attachments and phishing links.
    • Mobile Device Management secures Android devices from mobile malware and provides the ability to locate, lock and wipe lost Android and iOS devices.
    • Advanced Active Protection leverages the latest technology to go beyond traditional techniques and detect new and emerging threats.
    • Device control manages data entering and leaving your users physical ports and device types with enforceable encryption rules.
    • Incompatible software removal ensures smooth deployment of VIPRE by automatically removing conflicting products.
    • Simple management console enables you to quickly and easily manage all your PCs and mobile devices, deploy agents, patch systems, manage settings and pull reports from a central location.
    • VIPRE roaming service helps you secure and centrally manage computers that leave the network or are located in remote offices via a cloud-based service using secure HTTPS protocols.
    • Unprotected computer identification alerts you to any machines accessing your network without endpoint protection, helping you stop infections before they spread to file servers and systems.

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    VIPRE Endpoint Security

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  • Features

    • Advanced Active Protection
    • Removable device control and encryption
    • Powerful antivirus for PCs and Macs
    • Low CPU and memory usage
    • Integrated patch management
    • Mobile Device Management
    • Mobile security
    • Cloud-enabled malicious URL blocking
    • Email security and anti-phishing
    • Firewall protection
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