Becrypt Secure Media

Turn any USB stick into an Encrypted USB Stick. Encrypt, monitor, and secure transportation & sharing of files. Contact us for pricing.

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Becrypt Secure Media

For many organisations, removable media presents both a significant risk of data loss, as well as a constant threat of the introduction of malware. To enable organisations to support the safe use of media, Becrypt have developed a range of products that can be used to support different business scenarios.

Turn any USB stick into an Encrypted USB stick!

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Becrypt’s best of breed media client solution which gives you secure, flexible and user friendly sharing of business data without the need for pre-installed software on recipient devices. It naturally integrates with Becrypt’s endpoint protection portfolio to complement full disk encryption and device level port control (Connect Protect). Responding to the growth in Thin Client adoption, mShare also supports Becrypt’s virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) platform, tVolution.

mShare is easily managed via Becrypt’s Enterprise Manager, and enables you to deploy and centrally manage security policies transparently to the user. It extends your business security policies all the way to external media storage devices and offers advanced auditing and reporting wherever the device is used.

Users can easily encrypt files and folders and share them via a media storage device, such as a USB key, with no software and privilege requirements on their device.


BMC is a unique Government approved solution to allow flexible data sharing between businesses and departments for protectively marked data. By enabling users to seamlessly create and read encrypted files or folders on all standard media storage, Media Client facilitates collaboration with internal and external stakeholders, while ensuring data confidentiality.

To find the most suitable product for you, please visit Features & Benefits and Certification.

Removable Media Module (RMM) is available within DISK Protect, and typically used where media is not required to be shared external to an organisation. Each end point device requires an installation of DISK Protect.

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  • Turn any USB stick into an Encrypted USB Stick.
  • Easily encrypt files and folders for transportation or sharing
  • Use anywhere – no software required
  • Audit trail of what files are added and removed and where.
  • Log gets sent to server when USB stick is next connected to the work network
  • Secure, flexible and user friendly sharing of business data.
  • Data is protected from theft or loss
  • Full central management, audit and reporting capabilities
  • Fully integrated with Becrypt’s device level port control
  • Part of the Becrypt Protection Suite