Becrypt Disk Encryption

Full Disk Encryption software from the Becrypt Protection Suite. Network authentication that protects device data. Contact us for pricing.

Product Information

Becrypt Disk Encryption

DISK Protect is an assured full disk encryption solution securing data on touch-screen tablets, laptops, desktops, servers and removable media from theft and loss. Devices can be encrypted at any time and once installed, all data is encrypted transparently, thereby allowing authorised users to access data with no impact on performance.

DISK Protect is available in number of approved variants, suitable for protecting commercially sensitive data right through to a high-grade version that is used to protect UK classified data (up to SECRET). To find the most suitable variant for you, please visit Features & Benefits and Certification.

Our market leading Disk Protect Touch gives you all the benefits of a full disk encryption solution, with the added provision of an on-screen digitised keyboard for pre-boot authentication (no external keyboard is required). Becrypt DISK Protect Touch is unique, in that it supports a wide range of touch-screen devices, without reliance on hardware manufacturers to present the on-screen keyboard at pre-boot.

When combined with Becrypt’s Enterprise Manager, DISK Protect can be rapidly deployed throughout an organisation with little or no disruption to business activities – laptops and PCs can be secured within hours. Devices can also be supported in a stand-alone (un-managed) mode should customer requirements or security profile demand it.

A Removable Media Module enables the encryption of data written to removable media, and may either employ a personal Encryption Key or a shared Encryption Key allowing authorised users to exchange protected data.

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Suitable for lower threat environments including commercial and government organisations where FIPS 140-2 is sufficient. Centralised management, one factor authentication and single sign-on ensure that it is easy to deploy, manage and use.

DISK Protect – CPA

Suitable for organisations that require accreditation (including government, military and NATO organisations), but also available for commercial entities that demand more confidence in their security product. Approved to protect OFFICIAL data within the new UK Government Classification Scheme (GSC), without the need for CESG sales approval and key material. Customers can achieve all the benefits of full centralised management, but would typically be configured for two-factor authentication.

DISK Protect – CAPS

Available for the higher threat environments within UK government, military and NATO organisations where certification is necessary. These products are subject to export control and can only be purchased with prior sales approval, and necessary key material, from CESG. Published security procedures also provide appropriate guidance throughout the life of the product. Security constraints, due to product architecture and operational procedures, means that some auditing and reporting capability is available, but not full central management.

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  • Protect the data on your device from theft or loss
  • Transparent to the user and easy to deploy and manage
  • Single sign-on, password recovery and optional two-factor authentication
  • Unique pre-boot authentication for touchscreen tablets
  • Secure network authentication – ideal for a desktop estate
  • Part of the Becrypt Protection Suite