IT Audit Services

We help you understand the threats and vulnerabilities in your business and then implement the steps to reduce/remove them. Our IT auditing services includes:

  • External Penetration Testing
  • Ethical hacking
  • Vulnerability Scan
  • IT Risk Assessment Services
  • Advisory Services
  • Cloud & virtualisation
  • Application Security
  • Labs

For more information or to discuss an IT security audit for your business, please contact us.

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IT Audit Services

Understand Your Business Vulnerabilities to IT Threats

Comprehensive IT auditing that includes: External Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Scan, IT Risk Assessment Services, Advisory Services, Application Security, Cloud & Virtualisation, Labs

Need professional help to understand how vulnerable your business is to IT security threats?

Hackers are always looking for new ways to get past your ‘wall’

firewall test

A top priority for organisations is to ensure that they are protected against all kinds of IT threats. Assessing your infrastructure is essential in understanding where any potential vulnerabilities are – and that’s where we come in.

We work with our clients to provide them with a comprehensive and complete IT audit. Our top priority is to boost business leaders confidence in their individual IT infrastructures ability and efficiency.

Security Review

We undergo a review of the security solutions used within the organisation such as the anti-virus management console and email server filtering. The review will explore their effectiveness with regards to viruses and malware. We then carry out an audit of the data backup process which provides an insight into the best practices regarding data sharing and storage.

For example:

  • Is access to key data restricted?
  • Is such data encrypted?
  • Are backups taken regularly?
  • Are backup files kept and stored securely?

If you are unable to answer any of the above, then we can help you.

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External Network Penetration Test

Uncover Critical Issues
External penetration testing uncovers critical issues within IT security and demonstrates how well your network and data are protected.

External Penetration

This testing reviews vulnerabilities that could potentially be exploited by external users without credentials or access rights. It confirms the status of the perimeter/external access and whether there are vulnerable ports open to the internet that can potentially be exploited.

Potential Compromise Impact
Our auditors adopt an attacker role and penetrate the network infrastructure, demonstrating the potential impact of a compromise if attackers were to be successful.

Return on Investment

Our assessments can help managers evaluate the return on investment of existing security defences, such as firewalls and other prevention systems. Where necessary Idency will help you fill in the gaps with our leading edge security solutions.

Vulnerability Scan

Security Overview

Vulnerability Scans of the internal network and hosting environments will provide an overview of the IT systems current security status. These scans involve assessing and reporting on security vulnerabilities that exist in an organisation’s systems and software.

Assessments will be considered from a number of perspectives including satellite office, desktop user and within the hosting environment (servers, desktops, laptops, virtual machines, firewalls, switches, etc) connected to a network.

Security Benchmarking

If identified as a necessary requirement, a review of the server / system build status / hardened state can be undertaken using security benchmarking – this is an additional cost.

IT Risk Assessment Services

IT risk assessment services involves exactly that, assessing the potential IT risks. The process involves identifying and evaluating the risk of IT controls and systems to ensure that an organisations cybersecurity infrastructure has been appropriately chosen for the potential risks specific to the individual companies systems and procedures.

This can then also relate to our Advisory Services that is detailed within the text below.

Cloud & Virtualisation

With cloud & virtualisation environments becoming more popular, it’s important to keep these environments safeguarded against threats and compliance is necessary. To do this, we assess the design and operational efficiency and effectiveness of cloud systems and controls. This includes the environments general security and communications as well implementing the steps to improve system development or change management, Risk and Data management, Vulnerability and remediation management.

Idency Advisory Services

Our IT advisory services can assist organisations in developing high-performing IT functions that delivers significant return on investment.We can provide detailed insights on transforming IT strategies and guide organisations towards the ideal technology and solutions suited to their business systems and procedures.Our main aim is to boost business leaders confidence and clarity on the individual IT infrastructure for the ability to manage regular company change and growth whilst reducing the associated costs.

To arrange a meeting to discuss an IT security audit for your business, please contact us.

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  • External Penetration Testing
    • Uncovering critical issues and demonstrating how well your network and data are protected
  • Vulnerability Scan
    • PCI Approved scanning vendor solutions (ASV)
  • IT Risk Assessment Services 
    • Independent validation of IT controls
  • Advisory Services 
    • IT Audit and Compliance
  • Cloud & virtualisation
    • Compliance for virtualised environments
  • Application Security 
    • Securing the design, development and deployment of your applications
  • Labs
    • Understanding the effectiveness of your security controls


For more information or to discuss an IT security audit for your business, please contact us.

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