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Fibaro is a complete and powerful solution for the monitoring, management and intelligent automation of living and working environments. Fibaro’s system of modules and sensors allows your home or office to intelligently adapt and respond to the changing environment, effortlessly maximising your comfort, safety and energy efficiency.

All Fibaro interfaces are simple, intuitive and beautifully designed. You'll find it quick and easy to get up and running in no time.

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Fibaro Home Center 2
£459.99 inc.VAT | £383.33 ex.VAT
Control any Z-Wave based home automation system with the power efficient and worlds fastest home gateway.
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Fibaro Home Center Lite
£224.99 inc.VAT | £187.49 ex.VAT
Manage up to 250 devices using your smartphone. This compact DIN-rail mountable processor can expand with the addition of plug-in modules.
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Fibaro Universal Sensor
£34.99 inc.VAT | £29.16 ex.VAT
Wireless module that allows you to bridge the output of any binary sensor onto the Z-Wave network and incorporate into your Fibaro system.
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Fibaro Swipe
Fibaro Swipe
£129.99 inc.VAT | £108.33 ex.VAT
Control any Z-Wave smart home ecosystem without touching anything by activating smart home features from simple gestures.
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Danfoss Z-Wave Living Connect Thermostat (LC-13)
£59.99 inc.VAT | £49.99 ex.VAT
Battery-powered Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV). Controlled manually by the units buttons or remotely by a Z-Wave network controller.
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Fibaro DS Temperature Sensor
£9.99 inc.VAT | £8.33 ex.VAT
For integration with the Fibaro Universal Sensor, the tiny 1-wire sensor monitors temperature from wherever it is placed up to 30m.
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Fibaro Smoke Sensor
£54.99 inc.VAT | £45.83 ex.VAT
High-tech fire alarm with photoelectric & temperature sensors, 100dbm siren, and RGB visual indicator for instant alert & maximum...
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Fibaro Flood Sensor
£49.99 inc.VAT | £41.66 ex.VAT
Precisely measures moisture and temperature levels, isolates electrics, and shuts off water supplies to limit damage in event of a flood.
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Fibaro Multisensor Motion and Temperature
£49.99 inc.VAT | £41.66 ex.VAT
Detects movement, temperature and measures the intensity of light. Intrusion, fire or other threats will be notified to your mobile devices.
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Fibaro Door and Window Sensor white
£39.99 inc.VAT | £33.33 ex.VAT
Battery powered sensor used for monitoring the activity of doors, windows, blinds, garages or gates. Contact us for colour options.
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Fibaro Relay Module (Single) 1 x 2.5kW
£47.99 inc.VAT | £39.99 ex.VAT
Switch electronic devices on and off. For example, use relays to turn your boiler on before you wake, ready for your morning shower.
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Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 Module
£47.99 inc.VAT | £39.99 ex.VAT
Make use of natural light with precise control and positioning of motorised blinds, curtains, awnings and other features such as garage d...
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