Fibaro Flood Sensor

£49.99 inc.VAT | £41.66 ex.VAT

Precisely measures moisture and temperature levels, isolates electrics, and shuts off water supplies to limit damage in event of a flood.

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Thanks to its flexible gold telescopic probes the Fibero Z-Wave Flood Sensor can even work on uneven surfaces. The Flood Sensor has a built-in alarm siren which will help you to react quickly in case of a flood, rapid temperature change or the attempt to tamper with it. Aside from the alarm siren, the device can alert you to a threat using colour displays from the built-in RGB diode. In addition to this, a tilt sensor will detect tilt and movement over 15 degrees and send out a report to the main controller. The built-in temperature sensor can not only be used to serve as a fire alarm sensor, it may also be used to manage an in-floor heating system.

The Input terminal allows you to connect an external probe and install the sensor in any location. The Output terminal allows for a connection to an alarm system. The Sensor will work on 12 or 24 VDC or battery.

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  • Unique, floating design
  • Detects flooding or fire
  • Battery or VDC powered
  • Communicates with qualified Z-Wave network
  • Features wireless software update

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