Fibaro Relay Module (Single) 1 x 2.5kW

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Switch electronic devices on and off. For example, use relays to turn your boiler on before you wake, ready for your morning shower.

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  • Fibaro can use relays to turn your boiler on before you wake, ready for your morning shower, or to activate your ventilation system in response to rising humidity. Relay Switches allow the incorporation of a wide variety of electrical equipment into the Fibaro system.

    The Fibaro Relay Switch allows controlling an electrical load up to 2.5 KW both via Z-Wave wirelessly and locally utilising a traditional wall switch. The device is placed in a wall box right behind the normal switch. The switch is no longer directly connected to the load but acts as input device for the Fibaro insert that is controlling the load.

    The solution works with all switch designs, with or without neutral position as long as there is enough space in the wall box behind the switch. The device is just 15mm in height. The available space depends on the size of the traditional switch, the dimensions of the wall box and the amount of additional cabling placed in this box. This device is designed for a 3 wire system and needs a neutral wire in the wall box.

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  • Features

    • Power supply : 110 – 240V ~ 50 – 60Hz
    • Power consumption : to 0,8W
    • Operational temperature : 0 – 35ºC
    • Dimensions (L x W x H) : 42,50 x 38,25 x 20,30mm
    • For installation in boxes : Ø ≥ 50mm
    • Rated load current : 10A for resistive load*
    • Over current protection: required external 10A circuit breaker
    • Active element : micro-gap relay switch
    • Device control : remotely – radio waves directly – push buttons
    • Radio protocol : Z-Wave
    • Radio signal power : 1mW
    • Radio frequency : 868,4 MHz EU
    • Range : up to 50 m outdoors, up to 30m indoors (depending on building materials)
    • Complies with EU directivers : RoHS 2011/65/EU, LVD 2006/95/EC, EMC 2004/108/EC, R&TTE 1999/5/EC