Fibaro Smoke Sensor

£54.99 inc.VAT | £45.83 ex.VAT

High-tech fire alarm with photoelectric & temperature sensors, 100dbm siren, and RGB visual indicator for instant alert & maximum protection.

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Almost all of the smoke sensors available on the market were designed with just one objective in mind – discovering potential threats. Hardly any of the manufacturers paid any attention to design. The Fibaro Smoke Detector is a perfect sensor, it’s a device combining beauty with new technology, to protect your home and family.

The Fibaro Smoke Sensor is probably the smallest wireless smoke sensor in the World. Advanced production technology has allowed for the sensor components to be significantly minimised in the sensor, making the Fibaro sensor the most advanced device of this type available on the market, and our company the leader in the manufacture of wireless smoke sensors.

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  • Two Alarm indicators:
  • Built in siren
  • RGB Visual Indicator
  • Built in “black box” to report and record smoke and temperature readouts in its internal memory
  • Unique design, assuring detection of even the smallest amount of smoke
  • Detects smoke presence or rapid temperature changes
  • Battery powered
  • Communicates with a qualified Z-Wave network
  • Features wireless software update

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