TS-TR605 Tripod Turnstile

£1,399.99 inc.VAT | £1,166.66 ex.VAT

Stylish stainless steel turnstile offering one or two-way semi-automatic rotary barrier movement and is compatible with third party access control systems.

Product also features:

  • 3 Rotating Arms
  • Step dimensions 550 mm
  • Led indicator
  • Emergency mode

Stainless Steel Access Control Turnstile

Semi-automatic rotary barrier, the TS-TR605 tripod turnstile is compatible with third party access control systems

Protect and secure your organisation with the TS-TR605 Tripod Turnstile, a stylish stainless steel turnstile offering one or two-way semi-automatic rotary barrier movement. Competitively priced, this turnstile offers great value to any organisation with the need to secure access to corporate areas.

Compatible with many third party access control systems, this turnstile compliments and enhances many corporate environments as it can be connected with many biometric authentication solutions that offer RFID, fingerprint, facial recognition and more for secure access control authentication. Robust but sophisticated, the turnstile has an LED status indicator with 3 rotating arms to prevent tailgating as well as an emergency mode that unlocks and drops the tripod arms during emergencies and/or power loss.

Compatible software and add-ons

For compatible management software for the TS-TR605 Tripod Turnstile, as well as compatible biometric authentication devices (including RFID, fingerprint, facial recognition and more), please contact us to discuss.

For more information on the TS-TR605 Tripod Turnstile and compatible software/biometric devices please contact us.

You can also arrange a FREE online demo of the solution with us via Zoom where we can demonstrate how it works live.

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  • Access turnstile
  • 3 Rotating Arms (Anti-tailgating)
  • Times, Alarms, Openings
  • Step dimensions 550 mm
  • Made of stainless steel SUS316
  • Single-access tripod turnstile
  • Semi-automatic rotary barrier movement
  • Access width 550 mm
  • Led indicator
  • Emergency mode
  • Main turnstile configuration plate (Times, Alarms, Openings)
  • Stainless steel
  • Configuration Modes: One or two-way, One or two-way free movement
  • Compatible with access control systems
  • Power supply: AC 110/220 V / 35W max
  • Dimensions of pass: 550 (w) x 480 (d) mm
  • Turnstile dimensions: 980 (H) x 280 (W) x 480 (D) mm
  • Weight: 38 Kg
  • Access Controller not included: turnstile control board compatible with any access control system

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