Migrating ClockReports to a new install location

Things you will need:

Installing ClockReports in new location

  1. On the new PC or Server, go to clockreports.com/support/downloads/
  2. Select [1_ClockReportsXE] > [ClockReportsXE_Full_Version]ClockReports_XE_FULL_VERSION
  3. Follow the download prompts as normal and ensure you create a desktop shortcut
  4. Open ClockReports as administrator but right clicking the desktop icon and selecting ‘Run as Administrator’
  5. The ‘Setup Device’ window should popup, if not open this manually by clicking ‘Setup Device
  6. Enter a Device Serial Number and save
  7. Click ‘Help’ > ‘Activate Software’ > enter company details > ‘Activate Now’

Carry on with the steps below.

Migrating important files

  1. You will now need to be signed into the PC/Server that is hosting the existing ClockReports software to copy important file settings over
  2. Within the shared drive create a new folder called ‘CR Files‘ or plug the USB stick to copy the files from the old location
  3. Locate the ‘ClockReportsXE9‘ folder and copy the following files (do not drag and drop):
  • Database: att2003.mbd
  • Autosync: autosync.ini
  • App: clockreports.ini
  • Reports: reportsettings.ini
  • Evacuation: evacsettings.ini
  • PeopleHR (if using): peoplehrsettings.ini

Now go back to the new install location

  1. Access the ‘CR Files‘ folder in the shared drive or USB stick
  2. Right click and copy the files (do not drop and drag)
  3. Go to the new ‘ClockReportsXE9‘ folder and paste
  4. This will ask to overwrite the existing files, agree to this
  5. Restart the software as ‘administrator

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