OneSpan – Hardware Authentication

Mitigate fraud and secure high-value transactions with user-friendly OneSpan hardware authentication devices. Contact us for pricing.

  • OneSpan – Hardware Authentication

    Easy to use

    With a single press of the button, DIGIPASS GO 6 displays a dynamic one-time password for each time a user remotely logs into an application, website or network. The user enters this one-time password in the login screen of the application. An additional password, as a second factor of authentication, can also be applied to eliminate unauthorised use if the device is lost or stolen.
    The portable DIGIPASS GO 6 can be carried on a key ring, worn around the neck or simply placed in a pocket or purse.

    Easy to deploy

    The integration of DIGIPASS GO 6 into an existing network is simple and goes fast. Static passwords or existing TAN lists (pre-printed lists of TransAction Numbers) can instantly be replaced with the more secure DIGIPASS GO 6 dynamic password. Once the unit has been initialised and provided to the user, costly user training is unnecessary.


    For pricing or more information on OneSpan Hardware Authentication please contact us.


  • Features

    • One-button operation for one-time password generation
    • Strong two factor authentication, based upon possession of the DIGIPASS and (option) the knowledge of a password
    • DIGIPASS time / event based algorithms
    • Remote host authentication
    • Customizable OTP length, OTP refresh frequency (for time based algorithms) and welcome message
    • Easily customized with corporate logos, branding and company colors
    • Tamper evidence
    • Supports VASCO’s Multi OTP technology
  • Idency partner with OneSpan

    Idency are pleased to be partnering with OneSpan specialists in two factor authentication. OneSpan enables financial institutions and other organisations to succeed by making bold advances in their digital transformation. OneSpan achieves this by establishing trust in people’s identities, the devices they use, and the transactions that shape their lives. This is the foundation of […]