OneSpan Authentication Services

Two-factor authentication with one-time password technology to secure user login and ensure only authenticated users gain access. Contact us for pricing.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-factor authentication (2 factor authentication or 2FA) is the authentication process where two of the three possible factors of authentication are combined:

  1. Something the user knows (e.g. a password, PIN code, or answer to secret question)
  2. Something the user has (e.g. a token, a mobile phone, a USB, a key fob)
  3. Something the user is (e.g. face or voice recognition, behavioural biometrics, fingerprint, retina or iris scan)

How does it work?

When you sign into your account, you will be prompted to authenticate with your user name and password. This becomes your first authentication factor.

For the second authentication factor, you can use a One-Time Password (OTP) token, an SMS sent to your mobile phone, a USB or key fob (e.g. something you have). When combined with your user name and password, the result is a stronger and more resilient layer of security.

Why do I need it?

Because passwords alone are simply not enough to stop today’s sophisticated attacks.

Two-factor authentication provides a secondary layer of security that makes it more difficult for hackers to access a person’s devices and online accounts. With two-factor authentication enabled, even if the hacker knows his victim’s password, the authentication will still fail.

Where can I use it?

You should use two-factor authentication for all of the following:

  • Remote workers (VPN Access)
  • Online Applications (Office365, CRM Systems)
  • Windows Log-on

What is included?

See below product pages for the services offered as part of OneSpan’s two-factor authentication solutions:

  • Authentication Server – comprehensive, centralised and flexible authentication platform designed to deliver complete authentication lifecycle management via a single, integrated system
  • Mobile Authentication App – generate one-time passwords with just a touch enabling your users to securely log on to their applications
  • Hardware Authentication – mitigate fraud and secure high-value transactions with user-friendly OneSpan hardware authentication devices

For pricing or more information on OneSpan Authentication Services please contact us.


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