HID DigitalPersona 5300 Fingerprint Module

Hard glass imaging window sealed against dust and liquids (IP64) & highly resistant to chemical and physical damage. Contact us for pricing.

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  • HID DigitalPersona 5300 Fingerprint Module

    PIV certified touch-style optical fingerprint module

    The HID DigitalPersona 5300 Fingerprint Module (formerly Crossmatch) is certified for both FIPS 201/PIV and FBI Mobile ID FAP 30 standards. It produces 500 dot-per-inch (dpi) fingerprint images in ANSI and ISO/IEC standard formats. On-board electronics automatically control calibration and data transfer over the USB interface. Its compact size and convenient mounting features simplify OEM integration.

    This self-contained module optically scans the fingerprint when the user touches the glass imaging window. The DigitalPersona 5300 Module can be used with any standards-compatible fingerprint templates extractor or matcher, including the DigitalPersona® FingerJet™ MINEX-certified Biometric Engine.

    The DigitalPersona 5300 Fingerprint Module is designed for use with DigitalPersona’s full range of Software Development Kits. Easy to program and integrate, the SDK runtime environment is free to distribute with customer applications. Whether you are an OEM or system integrator, DigitalPersona’s biometric identity verification solutions provide a natural extension to your applications.

    Target Applications - ID Verification for:

    • Civil ID/Voting/Entitlement
    • Micro Finance and Healthcare
    • Mobile ID terminals

    The DigitalPersona 5300 is compatible with DigitalPersona Composite Authentication software. Take a look at the Software Tab above and see what options are available for this unit and find a feature set that meets your requirement.

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  • Features

    • FIPS 201 PIV certified
    • Mobile ID FAP 30 certified
    • Low power consumption
    • Fine-grained power control
    • Compact size
    • Blue platen illumination
    • 500dpi images
    • High-durability glass top surface
    • IP64-rated top surface sealed against dust and liquid
    • High quality fingerprint image
    • Counterfeit finger rejection
    • Compatible with Windows 8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows XP Professional (32-bit), Windows CE and Linux
    • Pixel resolution: 500dpi (native), 1000dpi (interpolated)
    • 8-bit grayscale (256 gray levels)
    • Scan capture area: 20.32 mm x 25.4 mm
    • Module size (approximate): 67 mm (l) x 41 mm (w) x 27 mm (h)
    • USB 2.0 (High Speed)

    For volume incentive discounts please contact us.