Anviz W1 Fingerprint and Mifare Time and Attendance Terminal

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New generation Time & Attendance device with internal web server. Works with Anviz Aim CrossChexCloudClocking and ClockReports software.

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  • The Anviz W1 Colour Screen Fingerprint & Mifare Clocking in Machine is the new generation fingerprint time & attendance terminal with features based on Linux platform. The Anviz W1 has a 2.8-inch colour LCD that displays its intuitive GUI – which is easy to understand and self-explanatory. Full capacitive touch keypads along with touch optical fingerprint sensor offer a convenient operation experience and improves the practicality of wet and dry fingerprint detection.


    When you reach out your hand to touch the keypad, the W1 will be activated automatically and be ready for you. When you place your finger on the fingerprint sensor, the sensor will be activated automatically and will awaken the device from low power mode.


    No need to install, maintain, or upgrade software. No expensive computers to purchase or maintain. Access data in real-time from any PC and Mobile with Internet access.


    Basic Setting, Personnel Inquiry and Management, Records Inquiry.
    Supports dynamic domain name server which offers a persistent domain name for non-static IP devices.


    Daily/individual summary and report, work hour displayed by-hourly category. support CSV and xlsx export. Support report-format design.


    Anviz W1

    The Anviz W1 is compatible with the following Time and Attendance and Access Control desktop software and CloudClocking cloud based service:

    Take a look at the Software Tab above and find a feature set that meets your requirement.

    See Media Tab for detailed product specification and user videos.

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  • Features

    • Touch Keypad & Touch Active Sensor
    • Cloud Management System Support
    • Webserver
    • URL
    • Output of Multiple Reports
    • Max 3,000 Users
    • Max 3,000 Templates
    • Max 100,000 Logs
    • TCP/IP, Mini USB, USB Host
    • Finger, Password, Card(Optional)
    • Verification Speed <0.5 Sec
    • Fingerprint Image Display
    • Self-defined Status
    • 6-digit Work Code
    • Internal Webserver
    • Optional EM/Mifare Card
    • AFOS Optical Sensor (Touch Active Sensor)
    • 512MB
    • 2.8” Colour Screen
    • 130x140x30mm (5.12×5.51×1.18″)
    • -25°C to 60°C
    • DC 5V
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