Secure your digital world

The future of authentication and security solutions

In today’s networked and mobile world it is essential that people and companies are set up to manage and protect their data, communications and resources. Idency delivers fast and effective authentication and security solutions.

Security & Authentication Products

Mobile & email communications, business documents and access passwords are rarely secure enough; more than 60% of business managers share passwords with others. Strong authentication and higher levels of integrated security solutions can help eliminate the risk of your data or communications being compromised.

Biometric Products & Solutions

User identity forms the foundation of all enterprise security models. Biometric software solutions and biometric identification and authentication products make strong security simple, practical and affordable for consumers and businesses of all sizes.

Protecting your Data

Protecting and securing your data is essential. A top priority for organisations is finding a way to keep control of documents and files as users share more data and work across multiple devices. Idency offers the latest in antivirus, data-centric and file sharing security software solutions.


A home automation system integrates electrical devices in a house with each other. Smart Locks make it quick and easy to administer virtual keys online with high-level encryption… a perfect fit for business or residential environments.