You can now export your Malwarebytes data directly to Microsoft Excel

Malwarebytes truly is a conquering cybersecurity provider and continues to add to their warrior-like strategies. But, doesn't every cybersecurity provider consider themselves hero's? How can we be sure to put our trust in Malwarebytes?

Malwarebytes gives triallists an opportunity

Triallists of Malwarebytes can now generate summary reports that demonstrate exactly how Malwarebytes has protected your network, and this is how they got there...

Malwarebytes Cloud & On-Premise solutions have always collected a rich set of data from your connected endpoints in order for you to have full control and flexibility of your security.

A common request has since surfaced to turn this rich set of collected data into useful information...

Malwarebytes introduce the Malwarebytes Excel Addin.

Providing easy access to import data directly into Microsoft Excel.

To make everything easier, all you need for the Malwarebytes Excel Addin to work is:

This means it doesn't matter if you own a Malwarebytes licence or not, you can try it today.

The process of combining Malwarebytes with Excel is very simple. All you need to do is download the addin, and the addin adds a completely new Malwarebytes window to your Excel.

Malwarebytes Excel Addin Features & Benefits

Malwarebytes Excel Addin has a variety of features and benefits that give customers a wide range of possibilities and freedom.


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Malwarebytes Excel Addin in Action

With Malwarebytes Excel Addin you can perform a range of actions, including importing endpoint data, import software installed & agent information, generate summary reports for an overview of activity since Malwarebytes was installed and import detections & threats data.

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Want a tour of the Malwarebytes Excel Addin?

Watch this 4 minute video to see how quick and easy it is to download, import/export, and generate reports.

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