PeopleHR Time & Attendance iClock 560 Fingerprint and RFID System

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Advanced PeopleHR Fingerprint System: Seamlessly connect the ZKTeco iClock 560 fingerprint and RFID device directly to PeopleHR using their API for advanced Time and Attendance management. Powerful fingerprint and RFID recognition delivering fast and consistent identification.


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PeopleHR Fingerprint Recognition using the ZKTeco iClock 560

Seamlessly connect your ZKTeco iClock 560 fingerprint recognition and RFID terminal to PeopleHR.

The perfect solution for SME installations, the ZKTeco iClock 560 features one of the most advanced fingerprint sensors on the market, the ZKTeco iClock 560 incorporates fingerprint with internal POE which work together with new Push SDK offering a complete solution for cloud systems.

The ZKTeco iClock 560 can connect to Time & Attendance management software by Ethernet and also operates on standalone mode, downloading data by USB Pen drive. The colour TFT display makes operation easier to all users with easy menu management. Employees can clock in/out with fingerprints or RFID tags/cards. Easy to use, the device is robust and provides accurate time & attendance for businesses with 20 to 2,000+ employees as it copes well with high traffic environments.

Once the device is properly installed you can start clocking using the device. The advanced fingerprint recognition technology is so intelligent, it can accurately identify the user within half a second of the finger placement. This is equally as efficient when using the secondary identification mode of RFID cards or tags. The modern 3.5 inch colour display screen then displays the progress of recognition and completion status to the user.

The ZKTeco iClock 560 user & registration guide

Multiple clock in methods including fingerprint recognition and RFID (16)

How the Integration Works

Syncing data to PeopleHR

You simply need to sync the information by a click on a button. This will automatically appear within your employees planners, accessible on the PeopleHR management dashboard. With holidays, remote working days, and normal office hours already setup within PeopleHR. The iClock 560 data seamlessly fills in the clocking data of a standard employee shift.

PeopleHR Planner

Viewing the device data

The iClock 560 data is stored within the employee planners. These show up as individual icons. If you click on these icons you can view the detailed device data within it. For example, one of the standard days has been selected and opened, showing each individual clock that day (starting work at 08:47am, lunch from 12:32pm -13:27pm, and end of shift at 17:34pm).

employee manual clock

Set-up Requirements

Network Requirements:

  • Ensure that your company has an external static IP address
  • Open the Port of the device up for the device IP address
  • This will allow PeopleHR’s API to connect to the device in order to pull all of the device data records

Device Requirements:

  • Connect a 3 pin UK power & network cable to the device
  • Ensure that a local IP address is applied to the device
  • Input the Subnet mask, Gateway & Port details into the device (only change port for more than 1 device)

If you are looking for a biometric device to sync with PeopleHR, but can not reach the requirements stated above, please contact us.

Network Topology and Installation Diagrams

Optional Add-ons

Get a smooth and efficient setup using our Time & Attendance Support Package.

If you require an Evacuation Report or have additional Access Control requirements please contact us.

Please arrange a FREE online demo with us where we can demonstrate how it works live.

For more information on the ZKTeco iClock 560 and compatible software please contact us.

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Solution Features:

  • Ensure 100% accurate time and attendance records
  • Streamline business processes
  • Improves your workforce’s efficiency
  • Saves administration time
  • Reduces overall labour costs
  • Removes human error from the equation
  • Reduce password management costs

Device Features:

  • Professional Firmware Version with advanced features
  • Built-in PoE
  • New Push SDK 3.0 for Real Time & Cloud Systems
  • Fully configurable Attendance Events
  • Accrued balances management per user
  • Pen drive download structure defined by user
  • Multi-verification by user
  • Function keys definition by weekday and time range
  • Identification modes: Fingerprint and EM RFID 125khz
  • Fingerprint Capacity: 8,000
  • Log capacity: 200,000
  • Communication: TCP/IP, USB(Host)
  • Power Supply: DC 5V 1.5A. Internal PoE
  • Display: 3.5-inch Screen
  • Verification Speed: < 1 Sec
  • Function keys: 8 defined by user
  • Languages: Most used European languages
  • Voices: Male and Female
  • Operating temperature: 0°C- 45°C
  • Operating Humidity: 20%-80%
  • Dimension: 189×136×44mm (L×W×T )
  • Gross weight: 1.30 kg

PeopleHR Features:

  • Centralised Control of Your Workforce
  • Positive Performance Management
  • Interactive Recruitment Pipeline
  • Powerful Reports for Getting Your Results Noticed

Please pricing and more information please contact us.

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