Troubleshooting guide: Records are not showing in PeopleHR

Why are the employee/employees clock records not syncing to PeopleHR?

Is ClockReports program open/running and connected to the network?
First, check if CR is open/running and the PC/server is connected to the network? Note that Clock Reports can’t be run as a service. Also, check the autosync settings (Home screen => Autosync) to see if your records are synchronising with clocks.

Are there records in ClockReports?
Check the “Records” tab to see if there are any records for the current day.
If yes, do a manual export (Data Manager => PeopleHR Export => Manual export). Look for these errors in the log:

  • “Employee Id does not exist” – Please check that employee’s IDs are exactly the same as in PHR (or that this user exists in PHR at all). Please note that you can’t prefix an id with zeroes in PHR. If you wish to use a letter prefix, please make sure that you have it set up in CR (Data Manager => People HR Export => User ID prefix, press “Unlock” to edit it). You can only use one prefix per CR install.
  • “API limit reached” – this means that you have too many records for the default PeopleHR sync limit. If this error message occurs please speak to your PHR account manager so they can raise the API limit.

If not, do a manual sync (Home page => Sync Device). If everything is all right, red box under “Sync Device” will show “New records” once the sync is finished.
If it worked it most likely means that either there was a network problem that prevented records from syncing or CR software was shut down or CR autosync setting are not set up.
If it didn’t, try pinging your device’s IP via the console (ping your.device.id.here) to see if you can access the device from your computer.

  • If you can’t ping the device (“Request timed out” error), check that id that is set up on the device is the same as in CR and is correct. Note that in most cases DHCP needs to be turned off on the device to prevent it from changing the IP address and losing connection with CR. Please also check the licence code and device id (it should be the same on the device and clock reports). Please also make sure that your device ids are in a sequence (i.e. first device has id 1, second 2 and etc.).
  • If you can ping the device but still can’t manually sync with it, try turning the device off and pinging it again – if you still can do that, that means that some other device has occupied the IP address. Try turning on DHCP on the device, letting it find itself a free IP on your network, writing it down, turning DHCP off again and setting your static IP address to the one you just got. Please note that on some devices (like C2Pro) you might need to exit setting and open them again for the available IP address to show up after you turned DHCP.
    Once you entered the correct IP to Clock Reports, try manually synchronizing the device with CR (Home => Sync Device). If everything is all right, red box under “Sync Device” will show “New records” once the sync is finished.

Is this an issue for just one person?
This more than likely means that they didn’t clock in or out on that day. All clock records from the clock are exported to PeopleHR (PHR), it can’t be selective.
You can check all raw clock records by opening ClockReports (CR), select the Records tab and search there for the ID of the person in question.
As we already checked that the IDs in CR and PHR match, there must be an issue with the person clocking. Please watch them clock in/out and check the ID that comes up on the device to ensure this matches them. Some people can have problems with their fingerprints readability, consider using RFID cards for them if your device supports those.

Is the database file less than 2gb?
It is possible that CR database became too big – check here to see how to resolve that.

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