Additional/incorrect clock records appearing in PeopleHR

Have you seen clock records appear for an employee when they weren't working?

Issue: You have noticed that you have had the same time clock record appear for an employee, or number of employees, incorrectly (e.g. a few employees are showing a clock record for 08:58, when they didn't clock at that time - or weren't even at work that day).

The above is a very rare error when the Idency PHR plugin is synchronising with the PeopleHR server and the latter becomes temporarily unavailable. This causes one or more random clock times to be repeated.

There is no way of preventing this or automatically rectifying the incorrect clocks. You will need to manually delete the offending records in PeopleHR and ensure you don't repeat an export for that day (otherwise the deleted records will be resubmitted into PeopleHR and override the changes you had previously made).

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