BlackBerry Workspaces

Highly secure file management platform. Embedded Digital Rights Management for multi-OS synchronisation and sharing. Contact us for pricing.

BlackBerry Workspaces – Highly Secure File Management Platform

Embedded Digital Rights Management for multi-OS synchronisation and sharing

BlackBerry® Workspaces lets you collaborate securely, with all the features you expect from an advanced enterprise file share and mobility solution.

Create collaborative workspaces, share files inside and outside your organisation, access your files from any device and ensure that the latest version of your file is always synced and available across all your devices.

What makes Workspaces different from competitive solutions is its file-level security. It offers 256-bit file encryption and access controls to ensure that only authorised users can access your files—even after they leave your network. Workspaces also embeds Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection into files, which means that you can control whether users are able to save, edit, copy or print the files.

Screenshot of Blackberry Workspaces showing Share Workspace process


Allows restriction on who can view, print, edit, or forward documents.

Quick send

Securely share documents through Outlook or through a web-based GUI.

File Sync

Real-time document updates accessed through Workspaces end-user interfaces.

File locking

Allows teams to prevent duplication of effort by temporally limiting access to a document while it’s being edited.

Remote management of file access

Admins can control or change access to documents at any time — even after downloaded.

Device optimised access

Render docs in high fidelity with platform-neutral controls for doc access on PCs, mobile devices, or web browser.


A site can be created to allow for document collaboration. New workspaces can be created on external repositories.


Integrates via APIs with enterprise systems, such as Exchange, SharePoint, SharePoint Online, One Drive, etc and proprietary applications.


Visibility of who views, downloads, forwards, edits, updates or prints company documents with a full audit trail

Secure document collaboration from anywhere on any device

BlackBerry Workspaces users can easily access, edit, share and control even the most sensitive files from any mobile or desktop device without sacrificing document security. With easy iOS, BlackBerry and Android file sharing, users can stay productive anywhere they travel. Content is synchronised so teams can view documents, transfer data and collaborate on files with confidence, knowing they always have the latest version.


Part of BlackBerry Secure, a comprehensive endpoint-to-endpoint approach to security, only BlackBerry Workspaces can provide the level of security organisations need—wherever files are, wherever they need to go, and whoever needs access to them.

Workspaces empowers users with easy-to-use DRM controls, so they can always be in control of their content, even after it has been shared and external collaborators have downloaded it.

Intuitive permission menus are presented to the user when sharing files. This allows them to quickly establish permissions by user or user group. BlackBerry Workspaces integrates protection into critical business apps and solutions and all deployment solutions enable a single and secure view of all enterprise content from any device.

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  • Control capabilities (such as access, view, edit, copy, print, download, and forward).
  • Track, revoke, wipe, or expire file access at any time – even after file download/share.
  • Set up customised watermarks to deter screenshots and include the user’s email or IP address.
  • Deter against screen capturing with spotlight viewer, which blurs the screen except where the mouse pointer is hovering.
  • Cloud: for customers that prefer a managed offering combined with a quick deployment, public and private cloud deployments are available.
  • On-Premises: for organisations that need complete control end-to-end, or for those who wish to extend and mobilise existing storage repositories with Workspaces advanced DRM security.
  • Hybrid: for the utmost flexibility. Enterprises can mobilise and externalise existing enterprise file repositories through the Workspaces secure cloud service.
  • Unified View Into All Storage Libraries
  • Advanced Security and Authentication Systems
  • Advanced eDiscovery and DLP Integration
  • Integrate With Your MDM Solution
  • More Secure Design
  • Security Embedded in your Files
  • File Tracking and Auditing

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