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Lifecycle Announcement for VIPRE Antivirus Business and Business Premium 7.x

VIPRE is announcing the planned lifecycle schedule for versions 7.x of our popular endpoint security products, VIPRE Antivirus Business and Business Premium. The following tables provide detailed information about the lifecycle for these products as well as replacement product information. Please review the following details and begin planning to update/upgrade to a more recent version or product to ensure continued protection against malware and other threats.

What Does This Mean?

VIPRE takes a measured approach to retiring older products that balances our customers’ need to stay protected and to plan carefully scheduled upgrades and migrations, and the need to innovate on the latest and greatest security technologies. The sunset schedule for our older products is typically assigned when a newer version of that same product line is released, and determines the phasing out of certain kinds of support activities over time. Complete information about our full product lifecycle can be found on our Customer Success Site: https://success.vipre.com/VIPRE_Cloud/Resources/Legal/VIPRE_Product_Lifecycle_Policy.

What Action Should I Take?

Customers: Verify which software version(s) is in use within your environment, and begin to plan migration to an updated or upgraded solution within the defined timeframe.

Partners: Identify which of your customers are using the affected products, evaluate the proposed replacement products/versions, and help your customer to plan migration to one of the suggested replacements.

If you have any questions, contact our Support team or your Account Manager.

Lifecycle Details

Release DateGeneral Support EndsAssisted Support EndsEnd of Life
September 2015 (v 7.5)July 2018January 2019January 2019


Product NameProduct CodeReplacement Product
VIPRE Antivirus Business 7.x401

Upgrade: VIPRE Endpoint Security (Server or Cloud)

VIPRE Business Premium 7.x402

Upgrade: VIPRE Endpoint Security (Server or Cloud)


For detailed information on VIPRE’s product support lifecycle, https://success.vipre.com/VIPRE_Cloud/Resources/Legal/VIPRE_Product_Lifecycle_Matrix

† Note that updating to a newer version within an existing product line (VIPRE Antivirus Business or Business Premium) is free, but that both of these products are no longer actively sold. VIPRE recommends upgrading to VIPRE Endpoint Security for long-term continued protection from advanced malware.

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