Time and Attendance System Set-up & Support

£179.99 inc.VAT | £149.99 ex.VAT

Idency can remotely support you on the installation of your biometric and RFID access control and time & attendance solutions.

Need help setting up your fingerprint or facial recognition system?

Our support package covers Anviz, ClockReports, TSG & ZKTeco solutions.

Includes 2 hours of remote support. Typical tasks include:

  • Connecting the unit
  • Configuring the device for you network
  • Software set up and integration
  • Adding users
  • Shift patterns & rotas
  • Reporting overview
  • Basic training
  • Registering employees
  • Downloading and synchronising data

Please note: Time slots for support have to be arranged in advance.

Place your order today and we will contact you to arrange your first support time slot.

For more information please contact us.

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