Go2Clock: manually deleting clock records

Is it possible to manually delete an employee clock record (punch time) within Go2Clock for the purpose of that record not appearing within the employee timesheet or generated reports?

Although it is possible for a Go2Clock super admin user to manually delete punch records from the Go2Clock system, they will not be deleted forever. This is because the once deleted clock record (punch time) will automatically return when the hardware (clocking device) next synchronises with Go2Clock. In essence, the clock record will be considered as a new record (as it does not exist within ClockReports) and so appear after each automated sync. This same rule applies even if you delete then replace the clock record with a manually entered time, as it will just override this record with the data from the hardware device.

To delete a clock record manually in Go2Clock, log into the dashboard and navigate to 'system > punch records'.

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