Go2Clock App: Create a login for a mobile user

How to create a login for a Go2Clock mobile user

Administrators will need to setup a login for mobile users so that employees can use this to clock in / out of work using the Go2Clock app. Please follow the instructions below:

Before you start: Sign into Go2Clock via https://app.go2clock.com/auth/login using the companies administrator account login. You would have been given this when you purchased the software. If you have forgotten your administrator login details, then please contact us.

  1. Using the tabs on the left-hand-side of the Go2Clock dashboard, click ‘Employees’ and locate the employee you wish to create a login for.
  2. Once you have found them, click the ‘edit’ icon which is labelled as 2 on the image below.
  3. Within the employee editor, click the ‘Login & Password’ where you can begin filling in the login details.
  4. The first option determines how much access you wish the employee to have on Go2Clock. For standard employees, we recommend the ‘View Mobile Punch Only’ option. The second option is the employee email address, this must be a valid email address and unique to any other Go2Clock user. The 3rd and final option is their pin-code, which doesn’t have to be unique but for security purposes, we recommend that it is. You can even use the ‘Generate Random Password’ option that is labelled on the image below as ‘OPTIONAL’.
  5. Lastly, this needs to be saved by clicking the ‘Update’ button.
  6. An email will then be sent to the employees email account where they can activate their login. Make sure they check their spam/junk in order to find this.
Go2clock app login (labelled 1)
Go2clock app login (labelled 2)

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